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Exactly what it says on the tin.



Note: This was originally written between Seasons 1 and 2, and may ignore conflicting lore established by Season 2 or later. THIS IS REALLY OLD WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS

Twilight Sparkle and her friends are snowed into the library one evening, and they happen upon that rarest of specimens - a book Twilight doesn't recognise. However, the ancient tale of adventure and intrigue they find inside ends up shattering their worldview and sending them on an adventure of their own.

This is basically what came to my mind when I heard that Lauren Faust's original concept for the show was of a more arc-based, magical girl style (this turned out not to be true, but my mind ran with it anyway), but this story ended up a long way from magical girls and well into high fantasy by the time I started writing. Also draws on select Homestuck and Dungeons & Dragons themes, and plays with a lot of things the canon leaves unexplained.

Tag update: Reduced character tags to Mane 6, CMC, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. While the Mane 6 and CMC provide most of the ensemble cast, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are the primary viewpoint characters.

Additional Tags: Anthro, conspiracy, high fantasy, gryphons, war.

Sequel now posted!

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Great.....Well, we know who Bree Hornblende is, don't we?:trixieshiftleft: Also Venus Dawn:twilightblush: and Bolt Spectra:rainbowderp:.

So many updates, and to leave us on a cliff hanger. Agghhh.

My god this is intense.

I was sorta hoping that since there seemed to be so many chapters put up in one day, I could read the story from start to finish without stopping - but oh god now the tension will kill me.

Fantastic story you've got here, do keep it up!

My dark hunger craves ever more.



"This story has easily split my reasoning asunder! Do not stop now or you shall TASTE MY THUNDER!"

Stares intently foward, willing his knowledge-thirsty stare to pierce space to fall on the author, a demonic gleam in his eyes.

So much story, yet my voracious hunger cannot be sated.

It's incredible to find a story that just seem to grab onto you and not let go. I was originally going to read just the first chapter to see how it was like and decide if I wanted to read more of it. 3 hours later here I am at the end of the current chapter in the story.

Still not enough for me.


The story coninutes, down rapid avenues. . . . .
They foward their venues, and hope for good news. . . . .

Their pace has quickened, their blood, it thickens. . . . .
They are not stricken, even though it sickens. . . . .

By the dawn and the night, by the pale moon's light. . . . .
By the sun's burning light, this story is set alight. . . . .

Cringes slightly. I'm not sure if that is any good or not. I hope it aleast sounds a bit relavent. In all honesty though, I whipped those up in less than 5 minutes. For me that is a freaking miracle, cause frankly, I suck at writing. Anyway, epic story is getting more epic. I'm mentally drooling for more. More. MORE. MORE! I WANT MORE STORY!!!

This was an amazing story from start to finish. Part of me is sad that this story is over but all good things must come to an end eventually. Although the great thing about a good story is that it can be picked up and read again and again.

Who knows what the future holds for this story. Only time will truly tell.

That was glorious. Truly, one of the best stories I have ever read, and I've ready more than I can count. A masterpiece of the HIGHEST calibre, I applaud you.

I would shed a tear if I could.

Master story deserving of 5 stars


If you haven't already, post this to EqD.
/starts figiting in his seat/
I found it interesting that you decided to include any horse-like/pony-like creatures in the reversal spell as well
/movements continue to escalate/
As I think about it, having read the 1000+ year old story from the book must have triggered something in all of their minds other than what you actually wrote down. At times each seemed a little out of character, but I can over look that.
/explodes out of his seat, bouncing off the walls at speeds that would awe RD and in ways that would baffle even PP/
/lands back in his seat with a "thump"/

Epic story. It earns that adventure tag. I do think there should be a few other characters listed though, most particularly Derpy and Trixie as both ended up more then backround characters.

46508 Wasn't sure whether to completely spam the characters section with every single character that plays any sort of role or not, so to begin with I played it safe and kept it to the mane six. On that advice though, I included some more, just the ones that play fairly big plot roles (even if a few of them have very little screen time). Also, thanks! :D

Once again, I feel I must tell you good job. And as I said last time, we need to get this on Equestria Daily. Maybe with some support on this site we can manage it. I sure hope so, it would be a shame not to make it. I was waiting eagerly for every update the first time, and that doesn't happen that often, only when it's really engaging. So once again, excellent job.

Wow just wow, was not expecting that ending.:pinkiegasp:

So let me get this straight, not only is this High Priestess racist, she also happens to be (excuse my language) a bitch. I don't think I like her very much and I think it's safe to guess that she will be dead by the end of the story I hope.

WOW this pony sociology is excruciatingly interesting. I like this chapter.

Pax Wingscale. Now that sounds cool.:coolphoto:

>>Flamedr i know what a tweest:derpyderp1:

Brilliant story! I was captivated from the very beginning and took me near 6 hours to read the entire thing! Usually I switch between Fanfics throughout the day but yours was just so very captivating! I look forward to reading the sequel!

you REALLY dont like trixie do you

Now we are thinking with portals.:twilightsheepish:

I just realized there are no Gilda emoticons. Also great chapter I especially liked the meat bags speech.

Brutal!!!!!!! I was all like :pinkiegasp: That gryphon just like.... sploosh!! hah Pinkie owned him!!:pinkiehappy: That was just wonderful!

Wow thankyou for putting this on your tumblr, it was truly amazing, now for the sequel.:pinkiesad2:

Hellz yeah!! Mr. Dragon joining the fray was the last thing I expected.:yay:

Excuse me I think I choked on my tongue. THAT......WAS.......EPIC!!!!!
Crap I can't even think of something to type describing this! I've been sitting at my computer half-typing a sentence then deleting it cause it's just not good enough to encompass the level of...... well the levels of raw something that just went supernova in my now derped brain. For once in my life I am truly speechless. You have rendered me shocked, stunned, and every other synonym for those words possible. This is a true work of pure genius. If I were like like a book critic and I read this I would not only be able to describe what I'm feeling right now, but also I would rate this and find some way to get it out in like stores or something, this is just... just... I don't know what this is all I can say is: Thank you, wonderful, bravo!

102248 Dude, calm down, you're only at chapter 10 : O
99329 I like her as a character, I just like her as a villain.

103024 heh sorry derp moment. late night reading and I wanted to make an attempt at expressing my thoughts. You actually managed to hold my attention for about 3 days straight. I'll try to contain myself from now on.:pinkiesad2:

Well, seems the mane 6 are in quite the pickle here, eh?

:fluttercry: Words....cannot...describe...th beauty of yjis masterpiece...i need a moment...

I love how you include info about stuff like how the pegasi "swim" through the air and how temperature affects unicorn abilities and all that other stuff you actually took the time to explain, and quite well I might add, I'm kinda a nerd about stuff like that.:twistnerd:

105776 Nice to know that sort of thing is appreciated! I'm a geek when it comes to world-building, and dammit, I'm making this world make sense if it kills me.

Dawww poor Scoots.

P.S. I didn't get it; in the part when AJ and Rarity went to Cheerily's did Berry Punch and Cheerily both have hangovers or something.

Hah! Trixie, you don't need an adult. you are an adult. All you can do is hold still and take it. Trixie is still my favorite, though I don't know why.

Woah nelly, here it comes!:ajsmug:

"This is madness!" "No, this is EQUESTRIA!!!!!"

Well, looks like it's over. Ya know I'm kinda sad.:pinkiesad2: Guess I'll find something else to read.

It's like the fourth time I've read this story through from the beginning, and I only just caught the Team Four Star reference! :rainbowderp: I feel like such an air-head.

"I need an adult!"
"Ah AM an adult..."

When Twilight said "Rarity should do pretty well out of this," I'm aware that you meant she would probably make a killing creating clothes for the newly anthropomorphized ponies to cover up with. My filthy mind, however, was more inclined to think you meant she'd turn out doing pretty well in the breast-size department. :facehoof: Yeah.

119569 Actually that wasn't a TFS reference, I'm not really a fan of theirs, "I need an adult" is just a general internet joke.
119624 Of course xD I could pass a few comments on who'd turn out the best endowed, but... it's probably more fun to let people speculate :P

99849 if you pay attention that wasn't pinkie pinkie's last name is pie she's adopted :pinkiehappy:

:rainbowderp::rainbowhuh: da buck so wait ponies are cursed the demon is celestia again da buck?!?!?!

lol :rainbowlaugh: yes what just happened twilight :rainbowlaugh:

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