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Silverstream loves her friends more than anything in the world. She wants for them to be happy all the time. But when she notices a lack of family getting in the way of Gallus's happiness, she makes it her mission to fix that. How will she fix it? Simple. Just let him share hers! All she has to do is convince her family that Gallus would make the perfect addition to it. Oh, and not tell them about her motives in the process, since it's going to be a surprise after all.

Of course, because she's being so secretive about it, the other parties involved can't help but misinterpret her intentions on trying to sell Gallus to her family....

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Starlight is shocked to see that she has a meeting with a student already scheduled the very first day the School of Friendship opens up again for the summer. Ocellus had learned something about herself over the summer, something that she absolutely hates.

Cover art made using vectors.

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Smolder recalls to the rest of her friends the story of how she got detention from former Head Mare Twilight for two weeks. It is a hilarious tale involving disappointment, misunderstandings, startling revelations, no regrets, and an egg that started it all.

Edit: Ok, finally has a cover image. I had another one picked out that I liked better, but FiMFic would NOT accept it, no matter what. This one works too I think

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When they're bored on weekened nights, the Young Six all like to play a game of Questions and Answers with each other to lead into conversation topics. Gallus asks a question about Ocellus's changeling abilities that leads to interesting revelations about everycreature.

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Rainbow Dash discovers that she has suddenly acquired a mysterious and ancient power known as a Stand. Soon after, she learns of a cult of evil Stand Users who are threatening to unearth a long slumbering power that could threaten to destroy Equestria as she knows it. Now it is up to Rainbow Dash, her friends, and her Stand, 「2 Minutes to Midnight」, to defeat these Evil Stand Users. Surely a Bizarre Adventure awaits.

This story is a crossover/fusion of MLP and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. No Jojo characters will appear in it, only themes and concepts from the show/manga. The story will feature at least 24 unique Stands created by me and/or my friend/coauthor. I plan on updating this every Friday. So stay tuned! Comments are both wanted and appreciated.

Also posted on my AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18445076/chapters/43696103

Check out this awesome fanart: https://www.deviantart.com/luckyboys121/art/My-Little-Bizarre-Adventure-793976154

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