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Perfectly Insane

I've been writing for, like, 8 years, and I still don't know what I'm doing. https://ko-fi.com/perfectlyinsane


So many resets, so many changes; all just to blur together after a while. The void became, well, not my 'home', but not quite not a home either. I was content with the nigh nothingness I experienced while I waited for Frisk to reset, only to suddenly end up somewhere else entirely.

I'd seen all kinds of humans, all kinds of monsters. A muscular seahorse, a talking bowl of water obsessed with cleaning. What I didn't expect was an entire world of talking pony people who, despite being the only human there, they treat with kindness.

But, once again, the happiness didn't last; it never does.

Now with a reading!

*Takes place after the events of season 2 but before season 3.*

*This is an undertale crossover fic, but you do not necessarily need to know anything about undertale to enjoy it.*

Huge thanks to Phaoray and DekaSkittalz, and Reily for helping with editing and proofreading!

Currently looking for a dedicated illustrator!

Cover art done by one of the best artist I've ever had the pleasure to work with! I am eternally grateful.

Featured: 6/10/21 onward. Thanks so much! I wasn't expecting anyone to like this story.

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Is it racist to hate all humans?
If that includes yourself?

... I...

... I was kind of glad that Chara died from the bad doggos so that she could reset before Scootaloo lost a wing.

Wow chara is officially a badass also one immortal to another dying 100% Sucks

... she still has love, how did twilight interact with it?... oh conguration she can summon knives

Dude you have put me close to tears with this chapter and it was both hilarious and a bit uncomfortable to read a particular bit though I think all three of them was just as uncomfortable

Perfectly Insane

It’s not LOVE, but good guess.

Perfectly Insane

I can't say what it is because it will be important later, but I'll say its not something from Undertale.

... if it’s from equestria than maybe a nightmare or something, need more info first.

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Perfectly Insane

Not long but a particular scene was hard for me to write. It will be out tomorrow likely.

My first reaction to seeing a new chapter was a squee oh happiness I love this fic

She wore a dark blue t-shirt and shorts that went down to about her knees, and there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her body.

Not even in the chest area.

I wiped the tear off my cheek, slipping the necklace on as the pendant dangled onto my chest, right where it belongs.

I'm already loving the references to the game.

Perfectly Insane

Considering I already made references to it in my other fics, it’s nice to be able to do it in this one in a way that makes a lot more sense and fits really well.

And while I do intend to make many, much of what I’m doing with Chara will be head canon since 90% of Undertale is up to interpretation.

Perfectly Insane

Is that a good '...' or a bad '...'?

I kind of really want to see Chara meet Pinkie Pie but... at the same time not really... I mean, the reaction she had to Rarity was pretty bad (the actual reaction, the writing for it was great, loved it), so.... how will she react to basically the pink pony version of Sans?..... without the giant skull blasters obviously, though she makes up for that with her part cannon 🤣. Anyway, great chapter! Honestly can’t wait for Chara to meet the others!

Have a great day!!!!!

Perfectly Insane

I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far! This is my first HIE and first person story and I'm sure it shows in some places, but it's also a story that tries to show the version of Chara that I interpret from Undertale and that's she's really not evil incarnate like the majority of the fandom tries to say she is. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own interpretations of Chara, this is simply mine.

As for Pinkie...well, I'm not going to act like Chara isn't going to make the Sans comparison. Obviously she is. But how I intend to write Pinkie won't be the immature version of her most do. She'll be goofy at times, yes, but she's socially a genius and will be able to see through Chara's act in an instant. I intend for them to have a very interesting relationship.

While I'm at it, I'd like to say that this little slice of life stuff that's happening here will be the longest bit of peace Chara will be having for quite a while. I assure you she has plenty of more resets to experience.

Honestly, I feel that the depiction of Chara, at least in terms of fan stories, comics, etc., relies on the universe that it’s based in. Personally, I can see Chara being evil incarnate (at least to humans) as well as seeing her as the opposite, it all just depends on.... how deep it goes (for lack of a better term). And as for what your take on Pinkie shall be... that sounds perfect. Kinda the same as with Chara, but I can see Pinkie as both the immature pony most people portray her as , or a deeper character. Again, it depends on the context of the story, sometimes one just fits more than the other..... I feel like I’m ranting slightly now 🤣😅😅 Sorry. Thanks for responding! Nice little shock for the day!

Question if charas gonna have resets can we the readers be a bit mean and offer surgesstions for how she resets with rules in place or even some random silly ones which after a time chara could laugh at the absurdity of it

I feel like this is gonna get really dark.

Perfectly Insane

Depends on your definition of 'Dark'. So far, Chara has gotten brutally ripped apart by both a Hydra and Timber Wolves, and has to remember every agonizing second of her death, her trust issues making it to where she can't even confide in anyone about it either. I have a lot of plans for this story and it's 100% going to be getting dark at times. Just an issue of getting myself to actually sit down and write out the chapters.

I feel like the approach that your taking could work out perfectly and dark isn't bad and I feel like it works well for Charas character.

And about getting yourself to write it down stress about it I've spent 4 months trying to write a story and only got like 700 words down so I know the feeling.

Wow that’s dark confusing and it’s gonna be hard to explain everything now

This has been a great read so far. I’m very interested in the implications of a knife being an object that Chara is most familiar with. Keep up the good work!

Perfectly Insane

Glad you liked it! Not sure if you caught it earlier or not, but I mentioned something a few chapters ago about Chara’s connection to knives and sharp objects, it was the part where I mentioned scars.

Don’t want to say much else, but you should be able to get it now that I’ve made that connection blatant.

Oh…. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!!! Also, so nice to see this updated again! Absolutely great chapter!

Have a great day!!!!!

I get it and that’s dark particularly if Fluttershy starts asking questions or connects the dots

Good work and why oh why do I imagine chara later down the line being a boss with her knife to protect somone

Very good chapter! Can't wait for the next one :pinkiehappy::heart:

Damn, accidentally seeing this on recommend now you make me remember certain mama goat manga hentai that i read before...

Kinda she lived under mount ebot and she is completely new to this AU I can just imagine pony ink and pony error wondering how and why this is happening.

There’s her dagger I thought it would be red.

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