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20 years ago today · 4:51am Last Sunday

As the day comes to a close, at 11:51pm central time, I come to think of what happened in New York. I was only a year old at the time but even now the death still rings across the country. Even if those of us were too young to even grasp the concept of conflict, death, and war. We too are stricken with grief every time this day passes, the day we lost 3,000 innocent lives to the hands of terrorists who'd see this nation burn... simply for existing.. because we live in freedom, in liberty..

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Fair enough I suppose

Yes, and it still caught my eye.

Came for the cute furry avatar. Stayed for the discussion on socialism in the comments.

If twenty million are killed every year, wed have a lot less then 7.4 billion people on this earth.

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