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The Gilded fox

"There is no death, only liberty, for the flames of liberty light the darkness within our souls with burning passion, giving us the will to rip the tyrants from their thrones." -TGF

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If twenty million are killed every year, wed have a lot less then 7.4 billion people on this earth.

You can’t even answer simple questions when I begin to press you on your beliefs. 20 million people are killed by capitalism every year, but you keep on thinking communism is the enemy.

Are you serious? Stalin literally had anyone who thought differently or didnt like his regime shot, and their families sent to the gulag. Now, I would like to end this discussion as you seem to be one of those who will continue to defend regardless of what truths youve been told.

In what ways do you think communism was killing people

According to multiple research accounts for the death tols during stalins regime and mao zudongs reign, capitalism, mainly talking about the u.s., has only killed 3,710 according to the United Nations. That being said, civilian casualties arent in any way shape or form acceptable, they happen in combat, and thats unfortionate.

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