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I created this account to keep track of the stories I read


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Finally got around to making an avatar!
this is the full sized version

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Thank you for the bookshelf add.

Thanks for the interest in my newest story, CYCLED! I hope you enjoy reading as it updates.

Thank you for the follow and adding A New World, A New Chance to your Naruto, MLP, Main 6/7 and Princess Celestia/Daybreak bookshelves!

Thanks for the adds bro,do you want a link to my discord server ,you seem to like a lot of my fics,and my server is the best place to talk tp me and the freinds who help me make those fic

Thank you for following both the story and I, and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for choosing to add several of my stories to your libraries, I hope you enjoyed them.

Hey man, thanks for adding my story Howl at the Moon to your lists. Tell me anything you thought should be changed and I will, when time permits. Expect another chapter to come out later tonight.

Thanks for adding Ghost Of Reach to your folder! What do you like/dislike about it?

Thank you for adding my fic to your library :yay:

Hi again! Thanks for adding Jimmy Hook Celebrates... to your library. What do you think about it?:twilightsmile:

Merry Christmas dear MonkeyManiac! May this Christmas bring you joy, happiness, health & prosperity to you & your family! Have a blast! :pinkiehappy:🎅

Thanks for the fav on making Piggy Pie a Mommy for Hearth's Warming! What did you like about it?

Hi there! Thanks for adding The Nightmare Spreads to your library.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding Merciful War and Destruction!

This is only one story in a ‘miniverse’, so keep an eye out for the rewrite of God of Rage as well as some others that will eventually be posted.

Great to see you again, and thanks for adding A Hearth's Warming to Remember to your library.
Happy Hearth's Warming!

Thanks for adding my work to your library

Thank you for following!

Well, thanks for the notification box explosion and all the adds and the watch, if i may ask, what made you do so?

You blew my notification box up. :rainbowderp:

  • Viewing 618 - 637 of 637
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