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Hello, welcome to my page, I am german so please excuse some of the mistakes I make. But yeah, welcome and I hope you enjoy my stories :)


I had a theme song made for the story! :D · 2:56am May 15th, 2022

Tell me what y'all think :)
Personally, I think they nailed it! These guys on Fiverr are amazing :pinkiehappy:
Also tell me where I should post or Implement it!

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now I know for next time!
Take care!

I asked about a concept within your fic, doesn't mean you have to drop it on my user page. A dm would have worked just fine :)

lol. You did ask about the fic...

don't you dare self-advertise on my user page! xD

*drops a fic here for you to read*

Feel free to read this. It will make sense, I promise.

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