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Starlight Glimmer finally graduates from Twilight's Friendship Studies program, and is told to find a student of her own! Twilight recommends going to a new planet, inhabited by "He-you-mains". She tries to make a friend, but finds something more! Will the "He-you-main" accept the Magic of Friendship? Will Starlight succeed in finding a student, or will she find a special somepony instead?! Learn about Starlight's adventures with the "He-you-main", and see how Neurodiversity is Magic!

Sebastian99 is my awesome proofreader!


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I always find it really insulting that those stupid ponies ( Even Twilight ) can't pronounced our own species name correctly.

How do they like it if we keep insulting them by incorrectly pronouncing "ponies", or keep calling them small horses on purpose. ( Gets a taste of their own medicine. )

Espera... mis sentidos izquierdistas están hormigueando. ¡Esto suena como una ambición imperialista en nombre de Celestia, bajo el disfraz de Amistad! ¡Conozco mi historia, sé lo que sucedió cuando Equestria hizo el primer contacto con los ponis marinos y los kirin! ¡No eran cupcakes y arcoíris, por decir lo menos!

This reminds me a lot of the universe "The Conversion Bureau", it is curious that in none of those stories does any version of Starligh appear

Well... it's a running gag because nopony's ever been to Earth before! They'll learn soon enough!

yo how did my fic appear in Spanish? That's awesome!

To be fair we already knew the word “ponies” while ponies have never heard of the word “human”
it’s similar to being told a word in a different language, you have may have never heard it before, and it may take a few tries to pronounce it right


Well, it's a very annoying running gag that I keep seeing in any other "Human in Equestria", Displaced, Crossovers, or any other types of stories that has Humans/Humanity in them.

How do you know you're pronouncing pony correctly?

Because you've heard it many times before.

If the actual word was टट्टू (the Hindi word for pony), pronounced roughly "ta-ticka-choo" it might take you a few times to get it right. It's included as much for verisimilitude as anything.

The Hindi pronunciation is wrong.

The correct pronunciation is pronounced "tut-too"

source: Hindi first language

Which, honestly, only goes to prove my point! I deliberately only listened once to make sure that I'd be as likely to make an error as a pony would here.

Looks like a pretty good start.
I'll follow along for a bit.

The Monk
"Mavis, for crimes against royalty, I hereby sentence you to the sushi bar!" the judge said, as chains wrapped around her, and dragged her away." -darkmage1997

“Aww…how cute! The “human” wants to learn magic!” Rarity scoffs from her chair. For a generous pony, she’s sure being a piece of work today!

Rarity is impressed with the lad’s manners! “Well well well, it looks like some one is going to pass my etiquette class with flying colors! But…I cannot know for sure. We’ll reconvene in three days’ time for that lesson. We’re going to have so much fun, Darling!”

Rarity was rude then all of the sudden is much nicer. What happened to change her mind about him?

Well, the human was polite. He wasn't rude to Starlight and Twilight before, and he said please and thank you. Rarity wasn't happy that he exhibited "greed" for wanting to learn magic.

I don't know, that felt a bit forced to me, but whatever. I mean we're all a little greedy and selfish, even her, so her just straight up mocking him about it just feels unnecessary and forced. That wasn't even implied. I just thought that her and the others were just being unfairly rude to him, just because he's different. Sure, he didn't make a great first impression, but still. You might want to work on better conveying things like that indirectly in the future.

a bit blocky text here and there, but nothing too bad. Ima keep reading for more

Rarity scene was...odd, but other than that not bad!

“It looks like you might be able to learn some magic, BUT only if another pony gives you permission. MAYBE if you do well with your Friendship Studies, I can teach you something, but Friendship Lessons come first. Understood?”

Sooooo Pony Pact Warlock, got it.

“That…that sounds like Communism, Starlight. Back on my planet, a few countries tried that, and millions upon millions of humans died, either through mass murder, negligence, or both! From what little information I have about your town, it seems that if no pony had any cutie marks then they didn’t have passion for anything. What would have made them special? A free-market economy is the best way to ensure that passions can be developed, and for money to be made by everyone. Every pony wins!”

A free market that's not free but only the 1% controls most of the time

I wasn't trying to be political.

GlimGlam is a commie, so I thought it would be cute for her student to be a diehard libright.

Opposites attract!

And it still managed to become the most powerful nation quite rapidly. Imagine how much more prosperity would be had if capitalism was allowed to be truly unleashed.
Of course, the ones keeping it from happening are a bunch of elitist rich jerks with their fingers in government. I suppose they could be called "the 1%", but they aren't the sort of business owners most think of with that term. Not all of them anyway, Gates is a notable exception to that statement.

I thought it would take longer for them to start going beyond friends.

Well...they aren't dating yet.

Starlight Glimmer sees that Noah is sad and lonely, so she's comforting him. I plan on having them actually fall in love later. This cuddle scene was more of a hurt/comfort thing. At least that's what I was trying to convey.

Looks like twilight is getting too caught up her plans to notice that things don't always work the way we want and dealing with it is part of being an adult. I hope she doesn't do something stupid trying to help and put the plan back on track.

Only time will tell. All I know for certain is that GlimGlam might get a pair of wings!

That would be interesting and except for the whole cutie marks thing she actually more mature than twilight which makes me think if that happens she will be able to handle it better. She doesn't put the princesses on a pedestal like twilight who couldn't even butt out and let starlight handle the problem as she saw fit despite knowing the map didn't ask for anyone else. And personally the parent episode was stupid because the parents were the reason the kids didn't want to see them and yet they never bothered to wonder why their kids don't want to visit. When your kids don't visit despite a hundred invites you either go see them or stop trying to get them to come and figure out why they don't want to come.

Well, it's not the cutie marks, it's the Elements of Harmony. Like in Magical Mystery Cure!

“Indeed, Starlight. Besides, we’re two different species! I don’t think ponies and humans can-.”

Oh no.

You don't remember how she and twilight first met. Starlight because her best friend after getting his ditch without a word and her father probably was no help in that matter so she created a spell to replace cutie marks with an equal sign. Twilight was sent with her friends to fix this.

This is an AU. Any and all lore mistakes can be easily explained with that tag. I put it there for a reason lol.

Well except for a few small differences some au are much like the original on background and when authors don't put any in it up to the audience to figure out the background of the characters and I always go with the show.

Ah, good to know. Thank you for the advice. I think I have a good hoof on the lore, but I could always miss something.

Glad you're enjoying my fic, and keep on reading! It's what Twi would do!

Wait wings already, that feels a little sudden and forced like what did she do to get them?

Find out soon! All will be explained in due time...

Well this is getting interesting. Can't wait to see what is next. Wonder how twilight going to take it.

He showed empathy, which is something a “human” of his “autistic condition” cannot do under normal circumstances.

I'm not a mental health expert. Frankly, I know nothing about it. But something tells me this is false. Don't quote me on that, though.

One of the symptoms of ASD is having difficulty empathizing with others; ranging from difficult to impossible. Since I'm actually autistic, I have some insight in the matter. Empathy is very hard for me, and MLP actually helped me develop mine!

It'll be interesting, thats for sure!

Glad you like the fic! I'm trying to keep it cute and wholesome. How am I doing?

Well understanding others emotions can be hard with this condition but it certainly doesn't mean we don't care but it just harder for some of us to understand not obvious emotions.

“Did…did I just sell my soul to a talking unicorn to go to a fantasyland to make friends?”

Show of hands: who else is willing to make that deal?

“Wait…you two are an item?! I give up; Celestia help me…THREE BUCKING DAYS AND YOU TWO ARE-.”

That makes two of us, Twilight.

“Because you’re going to make me a real princess now.” I grin at this fun revelation. Noah looks uncomfortable, and I get it. He’s probably not used to having intimate relations with talking goddess ponies.

I don't like where this is going

Deeply kissing him, thanks to my bridle being removed, I stroke his hair and reassure him.


Feeling less stressed, he sighs. “I…I’ve never done this before. I am scared.” He says, before I gently lower myself onto my barrel, laying on the cloud.


“Let’s start by massaging my wings. Then I will give you a reward!”

*harmonious note*

This is not me saying this is bad, it's just me poking fun at this. I probably said that completely wrong.

Keep in mind Glimmy is the one who wants it more than Noah.

Again, this fic is meant to be fluff, so nothing serious will be described.

The beginning of the next chapter will probably be: Holy crap I kissed a horse...and she kissed me back! And we cuddled!


I know, it's just the wording makes it seem COMPLETELY different.

Subversion of expectations lmao. Most people want the "action". I want story, and waifu glimglam is more of a hurt/comfort pony for me.

Twilight seems to be doing her usual good job of turning something into a bigger deal than it is. And maybe starlight can get rid of the racism that ponies seem to have. They seem to want to judge others who they barely know.

Somepony is good at reading ahead!
This is before S8, so most ponies are racist against nonponies.
Hopefully, the Princess (and Rider) of Justice will change that.

Truthfully by the end of the show I didn't think they changed all that much if a few rumors could divide them to the point of the windgos. They heard year after year what hate had brought their ancestors yet a few rumors got them to repeat their ancestors mistakes.


I also wanted to try something new. Not many MLP fics have a steed/rider relationship. Most fics I have seen with this trope are rather risque and NSFW. Obviously, Noah and Starlight are an item now, but I think his bonding with Starlight atop her is meant to convey trust and Friendship, rather than lust.

What do you think?

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