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Wake up in bed cuddling with a pony princess once, shame on the pony princess.

Wake up in bed cuddling with a pony princess twice, shame on...well, still shame on the pony princess.

Twilight is desperate to figure out her sleepwalking/sleepcuddling problem, and you want to help her in any way that you can. A sweet and funny little Slice of Life story.

Cover vector from Light Blade on derpibooru.

EDIT: Featured 10/15/19!

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This is cute and NEEDS a sequel with Starlight and Spike!

Sighing, she hops out of the bed and rubs one of her temples with a hoof.

The Purple Temple is on one side, while the Temple of Doom is on the other. Both are dwarfed by the Book Decahedron.

Twilight keeps sleepwalking into your room at night cuddling you until morning.

Smooth Starlight, very very smooth :rainbowlaugh:

Yes. All the yes!

Well, this story is just silly.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up cuddling Twilight?

“No!” Twilight cries, shooting a beam out of her horn and disintegrating the desk.

That was my favorite desk.

You glance down past the foot of your bed to find Starlight sitting in a chair, her back hooves crossed comfortably. She takes a long sip out of a mug.

“It happened again?”
“It happened again.”

Eyeing the smoking double doors curiously, you slowly press them open.

Well, at least she didn’t disintegrate them.

“Uh...Yeah, that’s it. I’m a... sleepwalker …”

Starlight, you shifty cuddler, you.


Let ussss have the sssssequel EEEEEEE

Nice touch at the end.

Cutesy. Thanks for sharing here!

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This was super cute. Loved Starlight at the end!

Hmm, quite an interesting story. For a one-shot cuddle-fic that is. It's a decent length and has some odd elements that aren't canon to the show, and no the human isn't one of them. I would like to see this made into a full story of their day time interactions, with some interlude with Twilight's thoughts, and how their relationship grows once they start cuddling daily. This has the potential to be a great romance/cuddle-fic. And if not, try your hand at doing cuddle-fics with other ponies. I would love to see one with either Princess Celestia or Luna. Maybe even both. Heck, make a series out of it if you think your up to the task.

I would too, if I manage to avoid dying in my surprised ecstacy.

Maybe because fantasizing being in that situation is easy, but when it comes the real deal, you will have mixed feelings, not about not wanting it, but rather anxious about the whole situation

That, is why you practice with a plush. :raritywink:

I kind of wish Twilight's anti-sleepwalking measures had gone on longer, if only to see how she would have gotten out of them.


This feels familiar.
Rarity. That's it.:raritystarry:

That was so cute lol.

Castle of cuddles in here! Good job!:moustache::twilightsmile:

Okay, this is the only second person story on this site I haven't absolutely hated. You have my respect.

This has been ranked here

Wow! What an honor- thank you! :D

Adorable and funny. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Heh, that ending

Plot twist, she's not really sleep walking.

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Starlight jerked into consciousness. “Wh-what!?”

“What are you doing in my basket?” Spike asked, his reptilian eyes overwhelmed with confusion.

Starlight slowly uncurled her legs from around Spike and sat up inside the rather tight confines of his room's sleeping basket. She looked around at the various comic book posters and male room accoutrements, before scrunching up her muzzle.

“Ah, jeez…” Spike sat up as well, rubbing his head. “Are you a sleepwalker, like Twilight was growing up?”

Starlight’s eyes flickered back and forth shiftily. “Uh...Yeah, that’s it. I’m a...sleepwalker…”


“No...It can’t be!” Twilight cries, squirming out of your grasp. “It’s impossible!”

Starlight’s eyes flickered back and forth shiftily. “Uh...Yeah, that’s it. I’m a... sleepwalker …”

Alright, what's really going on here.

Gonna need a follow-up with this

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