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"I haven't seen a bigger waste of talent since Dan Marino." -Roselucky Seven


Hospitals can be dark places; full of bustling activity and apathy more than care and healing. At least, it feels that way to Granny Smith sometimes. No doctor in Equestria, even the kindest one, can fix what happened or fill the hole it left.

The dead, however, sometimes leave gifts behind.

EDIT: Featured 2/14/18!

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Being the only human in Equestria can be a strange and lonely experience. Luckily, you have the upcoming Hearth's Warming Party to look forward to!

But, when everypony seems to want to kiss you under the mistletoe, you get the feeling that something sinister is afoot in Ponyville...

EDIT: Featured 12/18/18!

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Soarin' and Spitfire have been friends for a long, long time, and their relationship shows it. Right before the Wonderbolts disperse for Hearth's Warming Break, Soarin' drops by the Captain's office for a farewell chat, which leads to more than they both thought.

Written as a request from Wonderbolt Writer.

EDIT: Non-mature featured, which is pretty cool I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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You have been selected to receive a very prestigious honor: a research fellowship where you get to study and work under none other than Princess Twilight Sparkle! She's so pretty that you might be falling for her...And, just maybe, she'll fall for you too!?

In this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure romance story, you make the decisions on how and when to woo this pretty pony princess! There are hundreds of different paths through the story and SEVENTEEN different endings- so choose wisely!

My Fifth Choose-Your-Own-Romance story, after Cuddle-Your-Own-Celestia, Love-Your-Own-Luna, Date-Your-Own-Dashie, and Caress-Your-Own-Chrysalis!

Rated T for gratuitous smooching, emotionally intimate cuddling and responsible alcohol use. Cover art by Probablydnon.

EDIT: Featured at #2 same day on 12/3/18!

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You have befriended Tempest Shadow, a former arch-nemesis of Equestria; you like to spend time with her in the local park, despite her not being a big talker. Maybe she'd join you for your afternoon nap, if you asked nicely?

Based on a basic scenario by Enigmatic Otaku on a brief Blog Post Contest I held a few weeks back, and published with permission.

EDIT: Featured just a few hours after posting, early morning 10/23/18!

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Forced into an exhausting and frustrating job by Twilight during what should be a relaxing summer break, Spike is flabbergasted to find that his first pay check will be coming late. The spa's owners, however, are confident they can give him something to tide him over until then.

A collaboration written in conjunction with my good friend (and even better writer) FamousLastWords. Rated T for adorable foreign pony swearing and spa snuggles.

Preread/edited by Maxwell_Edison, with cover art by Probablydnon.

EDIT: Featured 10/8/18!

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Princess Celestia is very concerned about Equestrians’ lack of visits to their primary care physician, and Twilight and her friends are happy to help out on a public health campaign by filming a documentary about their visit to the doctor.

Thing is, they might not be the best ponies for a health campaign...

EDIT: Heyyyy, Featured #2 9/18! Thanks a bunch!
EDIT: Number one same day- glad you all enjoyed!
EDIT: Late Nite 9/20- lmao how is this still at #1
EDIT: Finally off number 1 but it took to 9/21. Actually means a bunch that everyone liked this silly little story :D

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Since the very dawn of ponykind, drinking has been a social activity shared between friends and a method by which social bonds are strengthened, achievements are celebrated, and oaths are sealed.

It is also an excuse for Rainbow Dash to get touchy with you.

A 2nd Person Pony Self-insert x Rainbow Dash cuddlefic.

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For years, Pinkie Pie has helped the Cakes raise money for a charity that benefits orphaned foals; and this year, Pinkie is running a kissing booth! Rarity joins her old friend to help run it, but her notoriously fragile self-perception is grievously injured in the process when nopony seems to want to kiss her.

Why in Equestria won't anypony kiss Rarity!? Something is going on...

Sparity shipping story with gratuitous Raripie friendshipping on the side.

Cover art by Probablydnon.

EDIT: Made non-mature featured list on 7/10/18! Hooray!

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You've been in Equestria for about a month now, and have had the privilege of becoming friends with Princess Celestia, the land's kind and fair ruler.

Close friends.

Very close friends.

That's probably it though...right?

EDIT: Featured at #3 on 7/2! I'm glad you all enjoyed!
EDIT: #2 on 7/3! Wowza!
EDIT: (Same day) Now with an AUDIO READING by MultiDoomPie!

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