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Princess Luna has a particular dreamwalking tradition around the holidays; it so happens on this of all nights she comes to visit you. Alone for Hearth's Warming, you really need her visit this year, though you might not know it at first.

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This is a really sweet story.

Even if it's just a phone call, connect with your loved ones. Sometimes its the best gift of all.

P.S. In my capacity as Santa Hooves, I ate the packaged cookies in your pantry. Please remember in the future that raisins are never acceptable as part of cookie tribute. They are disgusting affronts.

There is something wrong with Luna. Oatmeal raisin ( or so I'd guess ) cookies are wonderful. Soft, flavorful delights. The only way to make'm better is to use craisins and orange zest.

That aside, Merry Christmas and hugs to everyone.

I've had the desire to bake cinnamon rum raisin bread for about two weeks now. I am now wondering how oatmeal rum raisin cookies would taste. With my degree in Culinary Mad Science I shall soon find out should I gather the materials.

Thank you for the comment, it has inspired me and Happy Holidays to you.

Oh god those sound good! Enjoy, and Happy Holidays to yourself and your family.

Reading this made me feel happy and thankful. :twilightsmile:
happy holidays everyone.

Never change, you stupid, beautiful, wonderful princess.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all. :)

A very heartwarming Hearthswarming tale.

Also, “Sack of Dreams” is now going into my personal lexicon.

Also-also, those must have been oatmeal cookies. Placing raisins in any other kind of cookie is unconscionable.

Triple-also, If you drink directly from the milk container, and Luna drinks directly from the milk container... it’s like you kissed, right??? :rainbowkiss:

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