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Princesses Celestia and Luna have a favorite niece, but unfortunately she's been acting a little strange. Determined to get to the bottom of things, they pay her a visit.

A story that is effectively One Big Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind reference. You've been warned.

Cover art by Probablydnon.

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How dare you write this, you N'wah!

This is the end of you, S'wit!

In all seriousness, take my upvote. This was awesome!

Real n'wah energy right here

I haven’t even read it yet and all I can think of is “why is this the first time I saw this sort of connection”

I was just diving into another morrowind playthrough today this is comedic timing at it's best very good

Hahhahahauahaa. I loved it. My guess is the next patient will be Discord being Sheogaroth or Button thinking he is the deagonborn trying to kill Spike LoL

Theme of this fic.

What a grand tale! I do hope to see more:eeyup:

Gold just pure comedic gold i want no need a sequel.

How about Pinkie pie thinking she is Sanguine or Rainbow Dash believing she is Kynarith.

Pinkie Pie as Uncle Sweetshare.

This is good. This is fun. I only wish there had been more crystal ponies with a hideous proboscis replacing their face cavity.

It's unfortunate, but at least Celestia got Corprus

I just spent yesterday evening getting mods to make the games visuals less dated in preparation for starting my first ever play through of Morrowind later today. What perfect timing.

Can't wait for the fic where spike somehow thinks he's parathanax and tries to start up the order of greybeards...only to have dragons actually begin to use magic as a result creating the college of mages with the end result being parathanax showing up.

Really enjoyed this one I gotta be honest I'm hoping this becomes a series lol have a follow and like!


So did Twilights magical entrance exam mishap result in her being thrown in jail, where she was found and then released by Celestia in this universe?

While I don't get the references, I can definitely get a laugh at how calmly Celestia and Luna treat the situation.

Let's face it, Celestia had corpus all along. Swear it's that cake she's trying to hide. Really hope nopony starts trying to eat her flesh, think that was a thing for some of them. Fyr's tower for all! Hmm, since Celestia is the Nevarine, does that make Luna Azura? More than likely because she's already got a swanky dream realm for her Daedric realm. Would totally go live there.

You mad bastard.
I mean that in the best possible way.
The ending of the words is ALMSIVI.

Did I do that? If so- it was a complete accident!

Not as far as I could tell. I just thought it an appropriate line, since it's how several, or maybe all, of the Sermons of Vivec end.

Comment posted by Whirl Hoof deleted January 19th

I legally should not be allowed to upvote this. But I did.

Now I'm tempted to change my account name to Moon-and-Star.

I can't believe that you only barely mentioned the cliff racers, how hilarious.

I found this story quite amusing, well done.

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