• Published 7th Jan 2020
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Treasure-Your-Own-Trixie - CategoricalGrant

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure romance fanfiction; can you win the magician’s heart?

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Chapter 5

“Do you have a fan club I can join!?” you ask in excitement.

Trixie closes her eyes and chuckles somewhat derisively at you. “The Great and Powerful Trixie does not have a ‘fan club’. Those are for narcissistic Wonderbolts and self-absorbed Princesses.”

“Oh,” you whisper, crestfallen.

“However,” she continues, “I do have an Enthusiast’s Society.” Using her magic, she floats over a large business card with her Cutie Mark on the front and several small boxes on the back. Pulling a stamp from somewhere within the stage, she stamps the first of the boxes. “Come to five of my shows, and I shall fulfill one of your wishes!”

Your eyes widen. “I get a wish!?”

“Of course. Trixie performs dazzling feats of power on a daily basis! Granting wishes is foal’s play. Now, if you will excuse me...uh, what’s your name?”

You tell her your name, your voice trembling.

“Yes, if you will excuse me I have to finish cleaning up after my show. I’ll see you soon, I’m sure.” Trixie flourishes a bow to you before the door closes in her magical aura.

“Only four more shows, and I get a wish from Trixie…” your muzzle scrunches up in mischievous glee. “And she didn’t say there were any restrictions, either!

You burst into applause as Trixie’s show ends. It was a little rough this time, sure. Starlight’s mane might have caught on fire, and Trixie herself may have fallen through some broken floorboards on her stage, but her performance was no less dazzling than you had come to expect from her.

The crowd finishes its half-hearted applause and begins to disperse. You, on the other hoof, happily prance over to the backstage access door. It may have taken you almost six weeks and a spate of train tickets to catch Trixie’s next four shows all across different towns in the Canterlot valley, but it would soon be worth it!”

You knock on the door, and Starlight opens it, the blackened fringes of her flowing mane still smoking. She regards you with a bemused expression and rolls her eyes. “Trixie...Your #1 ‘Enthusiast’ is here…”

“Stand aside!” she barks, pushing Starlight away. Trixie smiles and greets you by name. “I am very impressed with you, you know. There are so many fair weather admirers, and you are not one of them.”

You hand in your card to her, which she stamps. “I congratulate you on being the first member of my Enthusiast’s Society to complete your stamp card!” she booms.

“And also on being the first member of the Enthusiast’s Society in general,” you hear Starlight call.

Trixie’s horn glows blue for a moment. You hear a loud crash and a yelp from Starlight. “Now,” Trixie continues, “You have earned a wish, and Trixie is here to fulfill it!” She poses gallantly for you, a hoof pressed to her chest.

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