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You are a human in Equestria, forced to work as a for-hire 'stress management consultant' (ie, cuddler) in order to make ends meet in this strange world while others search for a way for you to get home.
However, you've just been assigned to your biggest job yet- 'managing the stress' of none other than Princess Celestia herself. How will you go about your job?
In this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story, you make the decisions, you are responsible for the consequences, and many possible storylines await!

Featured 5/24/17! Thank you all so much!

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so wait, you are the teddy bear and not the other way around??? WHat!?

I'm going to read this later. Who doesn't want to read a snuggle fic on occasion?:yay:

Good idea with this story.
(I got something called "GOOD ENDING", by the way.)

But I have suggestion: Instead of writing

If you choose to [redacted], proceed to Chapter 1.

you should rather use

If you choose to [redacted], proceed to Chapter 1.

This makes it a bit easier to navigate.

A lovely ending.

This was really nice, thanks for writing it :twilightsmile:

Liking for a fun time, but I'd recommend linking your chapters for easier access.

Whaaaaat? I can't even cuddle her butt? :(

Well that might be efficient but not in the spirit of all those choose your own adventure books. Some shuffling of book is to me needed to appreciate the flashbacks from the famous five to me at the least... even if there was no cuddling involved with them.

8185610 Including links may be a good idea, you're right. I'll head bafk and include them when I find the time.

There's beta, and then there's being so beta you can't even perform your job for which you are self-employed. For shame.

This is adorable.:yay:

It'd be nice if you could make the words Chapter 1 and Chapter 14 links that we could simply click.

That's the last time I let my dick think for me.

Chapter 14 is how you get fired immediately.

8186401 Yeah, I've already gotten that feedback a few times. I'm going to put in the links when I have some time to do it.

Are all the late chapters just the road to an early firing?


Nevermind, I guess that not all the late chapters are early firings.

(gone through a few endings)

This was great. A nice, short chapters. One of the better CYOA stories I've read here, especially since all of the chapters were completed (unlike 2 other stories). Thanks for this.

As a guy with long hair, and who knows the joys of having it played with, how could I not choose this option? That's right, I couldn't!

What? Only the one option? But... her signals were so obvious!

No... now would have been the right time to grab her flank. :derpytongue2:


Celestia needs to get out more if she's using that as a "euphemism" for dating.

Got the perfect ending first time. Woop.

Now I guess I should check out the other endings. :moustache:

This ending was adorable, though. Nice work.

Cute little story. Since I got the perfect ending first try, I'll go back and be a little bit of a daredevil this time. :trixieshiftleft:

Forget staying just until Twi finds a way back to Earth. Once she figures it out tell her it's great to have it as an academic study, but you won't be needing it. You have... permanent employment. :heart::trollestia:

8186155 nope no flank Spanks for you good sir! good day!

Very nice. Will we get a spiritual sequel with Princess Luna?

8187211 This has been such a hit that YES, YES YOU WILL!

At first, I got Great Ending, then Perfect Ending. This was so nice, even though it was hard to imagine myself in the position. Especially when she called me 'handsome', and I am a girl... It was still enjoyable, and warmed me up with virtual floofy pony snuggles!:trollestia:

8187303 I'm sorry that I didn't make the character gender-neutral...You have my permission to pretend!
I'm really glad you enjoyed! :)

perfect ending first time nerds
I'm the Ultimate Horse Romancer

Simply a marvelous story if I do say so myself

8187690 I'm really glad that you enjoyed!

A friend for life is a friend indeed... or something like that. :pinkiesmile:

I quite enjoyed this, great story/adventure

Only with there were more story's like this one.

Other than 'cute' are there any other gender neutral terms I should be aware of?

Wait, people actually take this route unironically?

No instant smiting? I am disapoint.

Dem mixed messages :rainbowwild:

Feels good to get the perfect ending first shot. Good story overall. Time to go screw up and see the others.

8187945 Adam Jensen!? "I never asked for this!"

8188527 I get excited when I see an opportunity to reference a game.

8188570 :facehoof:
Leonard Snart, robber of ATMs ring a bell?

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