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This story is a sequel to Cuddle Time...Again!

You are a royal guard. You're having a particularly bad day, but the good news is that somepony is coming along today that might lift you out of your funk with some killer hugs.

The final installation in the trilogy which includes Cuddle Time and Cuddle Time...Again!

EDIT: Featured 8/1/17! Danke!

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Comments ( 56 )

Your not alone im here.

Hugs are how ponies mark their territory.

Headcanon successfully updated.

I'm hearing Dragons are great warm buddies :pinkiehappy:

Pweas do cadance.

You're not alone we love you!

I laughed so hard on that last line. :rainbowlaugh:

Momlestia being Momlestia.

Though i must admit i cringed at how over the top the guards personality is.

Oh god, I am loving these more and more.

So adorable! Celestia is almost always a very sweet and kind pony!:pinkiesmile:

I wouldn't mind being that royal guard by any stretch. :raritywink:

Pride of Equestrian military you are.

Oh well.
It was very sweet.

Do love it when Celestia is motherly.

I loved all of these cuddle stories that you made. I wouldn't mind seeing a lil update to these story with luna and celestia talking about the guard. Either way, these stories are fantastic and i love them. Keep up the great work.

I'm glad you like the cuddle stories :raritywink:

There will be more, of course.

The voices won't let me stop

8338972 Loved how that story ended. :heart: :trollestia:

And I am glad that the voices aren't stopping. At least let.

I am so glad that my curiosity brought me back to this site even though I'm not part of the fandom anymore. these cuddle stories are amazing. Keep them up

I agree!


It all makes sense now! :rainbowderp:

I love this so very much. Celestia is best Mom. :rainbowlaugh:

Your cuddle stories always leave me feeling fuzzy afterward (in a good way) ^////^ have an upvote from me

Orcus #22 · Aug 2nd, 2017 · · 4 ·

An amazing story!

This was a very sweet story, :twilightsmile: I loved the part at the end when Celestia asked why the other guard smelled like her sister! :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you!

Unfortunately, dead ponies are neither warm nor soft.

Unless you set them on fire of course...:pinkiecrazy:

B-but I don't like my snuggles crispy, either...

Crispy snuggles are best snuggles, especially with s'mores!

You're welcome!

will there be another?

This will be the end of this series, I think. But snuggle stories? They will never end.

Actually... I would love to see a story of Day to day lives of the guards being treated like kids. Would be funny

I do remember somepony doing something kinda like that; a guard asks Celestia to put his physical test results up on the fridge or something and gets depressed when another guard's results are there and better than his :rainbowderp:

I wouldn't know where to find it though...

I actually know the exact fic you're talking about! The title if 'Thanks, Mom' and it's writtenough by 'naturalbornderpy'



I love it when other people do my work for me. Thanks!

No prob, Bob. :pinkiehappy:

There was one story I found when the guards starting calling Celestia and Luna mother than both of them started to fight each other spoiling the guards like kids XD

Put quite the smile on my face.

I'm glad. That's what I'm here for!

I umm, can I send snuggles through the internet? Because it sounds like you need them, and I've got plenty to spare.

Luna has a distinct perfume she wears.

*virtual snuggles*, 'Feel Better?'

Sequel, Sequel...

It actually is adorable. A bit on the cringe side with the guard having such an over the top personality. But overall it left me with a sense of warm fuzziness.

Celestia is too good to those losers. :trollestia:

But getting a hug from her would certainly be worth being in the worst military outfit in the world. If only to get some love. :')

What did it say before being edited?

Hmm... from what I can remember, it was something about it 'not being as good as some weapons I've forged', followed by me stating that it was still an amazing story.

Nice reference at the end! I loved it!

I'm really glad that you did! Keep an eye out for more cuddle stories in the future!

Awww, you ended it too soon! :derpytongue2: I love it so much, Your cuddle stories are the best! They really brightened my day!

This was so sweet it gave me cavities. I love it. :moustache:

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