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Hug your nearest alicorn.



This story is a sequel to One Tree Orchard

Twilight just became an alicorn princess. This has made Celestia a little bit nervous. As her significant other, you know that it's up to you to ease her anxieties. It sounds like the ruler of Equestria needs some comfort, and maybe a little bit of snuggling.

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Congratulations on the feature!! :yay:

Adorable. Fun worldbuilding too.

Twilight was right. Life in Equestria shimmers, life in Equestria shines. And you know for absolute certain that everything is certainly fine.

That is until Tirek showed up…

These are cute. I like them.

My god
The cutebetes is staggering.

Might need Epicelin now to counter out the sweetness.

Now that is one request you can definitely get behind.

woah man, there are children reading. calm down.

These are cute. It also seems to imply that the narrator could return to Earth if he wished. Maybe do a story where
he invites the Mane 6 to Earth and gives them a tour of his hometown and place of employment.

"The First is technically a title. It refers to the first alicorn to ever exist. Nopony knows her true name. It is said that she created magic itself and allowed for Equestria to thrive long before it was even known as Equestria. There are a few ponies devoted to her legacy. They call themselves 'The Church of the First.' You might have seen some of their church buildings around Equestria. There's one here in Canterlot, actually."

You mean THE AUTHOR?

Love your work, until you brought in a church. Still going to read but the First is something I'm not interested in.

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