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For a human that ended up in an alien world full of talking ponies, you've been living a surprisingly boring life. Sure, you have friends and go on adventures and stuff, but you don't really have a "purpose" per se. At least, you didn't until about a month ago, when a "heinous villain" that had been turned to stone went missing from Canterlot. Now, there's a washed-up queen crashing in your basement and stealing your love.

If only you could get her to admit that she doesn't actually steal it from you.

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Ladon #1 · June 22nd · · ·


Awwwww :heart:
So cute! 🥰

That's nice. A shame it's so short.

Aww, definitely the cutest story on the site! My only complaint is there’s only one chapter! 10/10

Come to think of it, your typical green-skinned Anon would look just lovely when encased in coccoon.

My goodness, they keep getting cuter...

Ahh, nothing beats wholsomeness with everybody's favorite bug queen.

That was cute and paced very well for the length. A perfect snack! :pinkiehappy:

Adorable. Will we get a sequel to this? That would be awesome.

I've got a few ideas! :raritywink:

Adorable. Always love seeing BugQueen get a shot at redemption

I literally just started reading the infinite and the divine. Have I met a fellow Necron lover??

This peace is what all true warriors strive for,

OAH! MAH BOI! You make me so proud.

The Love of Garfield for Lasagna

Part 2 please

Happy feel goods make the soul feel full. Thank you

The dialogue was a bit clunky, but I still had the biggest smile on my face at the end. Have a like.

Zubric #22 · June 24th · · 1 ·

How to find the queen kind of cute

Some random changeling soldier🥶: "Officer should we... Errr... Do something about this?"

Changeling officer🗿: "I don't know, but if we got caught were dead, probably shot by Chrysalis herself."

Man I love frogs🤑🤑

The rest of the conversation has been censored by the Queen's Censorship Committee.😭😭

Real opinions🥶🥶🤔🤔😀😬😬: Nice 🤑🤑🤑

So cute ❤️

Don't let the bed bug bite

Tsundere Chrissy is best Chryssy


This is a great start.

I believe I speak for all of us when I say we most definitely require moar. This was the perfect amount of heart attack inducing hnnng-ness that I needed to start my day.

Ahhh, so cute! Human and the Love-Bug!

This was sweet :twilightsmile:

While you wait for your dinner to finish, you wander over to the living room once more and lean against a wall. Chrysalis is currently curled up on the corner of your sofa, looking extremely bored as she skims through one of your books, "The Infinite and the Divine." You chuckle to yourself as you attempt to make conversation with the big bug.

Huzzah! A man of quality and culture!

This is too adorable. Tsundere bug horse is best bug horse. :D

Tsun-Tsun~ Also, cute.

Wow,so sweet!!! Give you a thumbs up!!! May I translate this series into Chinese and introduce them to more bronies,please? :pinkiehappy:

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