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Any fictions that have a considerable amount of Chrysalis in it are welcome here. Please take notice of the folders on your left, and be sure to place any fictions in their respective folders.

General Rules:
1. Any fictions that are put in here must have Chrysalis in it. This does not mean, however, that any fiction of her is welcome. The story must have her playing a significant part or role. In other words, she can't just be some minor or barely mentioned character in a fiction.
2. Absolutely no Chrysalis bashing fictions. This is a group dedicated to support her, not hate her.

Be sure to talk with any administrator of you have any questions or concerns.

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Finally, a group where Crysailis can be herself.
Not joust shoehorned into a set mold.

380376 In my headcanon changelings view all emotions as a power source. I have a headcanon archive if you are interested.

I understand that changelings feed off love, but do they feed off other emotions like - joy, happiness, pride?

370728 No, she's a changeling and changelings kinda look like Alicorns... So I guess? Are changelings a type of Alicorn? :duck:

Question: Is Queen Chrysalis an Alicorn?

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