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For obvious reasons, Hearts and Hooves Day has always been Cadance's favorite holiday. She and Shining Armor like to spend the holiday in Ponyville, but while Shining is busy making preparations for the evening, Cadance was hoping to meet up with Twilight to tease Anon for being single. Again. To their surprise, he has gone missing. Now, the hunt is on for Ponyville's resident human. Did he really get a special somepony, or is he just trying to avoid the princess of love again?

Meanwhile, Anon isn't aware that his whereabouts are a secret.

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Ah I always love my daily dose of Runic chaos and fluffy romantic fun. (Well it’s not day over here per se, it’s past midnight, but my point still stands).

You have made me actually like Anon. I’ve read stories where I can’t tolerate him, and it’s only because of your way of writing him that I read anything about him at all.

ANON AND ZECORA FIC LET’S GO! Zecora is such an amazing character, and she has to be written well. I honestly think I can be turned away from a fic if Zecora is written poorly. Usually her rhyming or characterization is off in quite a bit of fics. This was short and sweet, but it was good!

I am a huge Zecora fan, love her so much! I’m definitely gonna be waiting for a Zecora romance fic from you Runic!:twilightsmile::heart:

Cadance is always a hoot, she’s either written to be uhhh salacious as heck, or a total goofball. Fun story, Anon x Zecora isn’t super common and I look forward to that plot thread unraveling in the future

"I don't know, it seems kind of mean-spirited. I mean, I'M still single too, but you don't make fun of me.
The difference is that you're single by choice, Twilight. Anon is just a loser."


Twilight is cut off by Cadance one again grabbing her and literally dragging her away. Mrs. Stone simply laughs and waves as the two exit the store.


A secret romantic relationship together, that's so sweet and spicy🔥

Also rhymes, it must have been a challenge for those rappers writers out there.

Comment posted by kathrynthayer deleted Aug 30th, 2023

"The difference is that you're single by choice, Twilight. Anon is just a loser."

Damn I felt that


Rare as Hens Teeth, they are.

Or I'll cast a spell on him when he's asleep to make him think he's in love with someone that doesn't actually exist. Small stuff like that.

Holy hell, Cadence you scary.

Looking forward to that Anon/Zecora fic, though.

"The difference is that you're single by choice, Twilight. Anon is just a loser."


Now thats actually MEAN.

"What are you, a loser?!"

JESUS, that is unnecessary.

"Okay, but counterpoint: I'm really, really bored."

Hard to argue with that. Let's go bully Anon!

"Jeez, look at the time. It's dark out already. It has to be almost nine at this point."

Oh jeez Cadey, you didn't...

Meanwhile, in Ponyville's fanciest restaurant, Shining Armor sits at a table all alone. A waiter swings by to check on him, but he quickly waves the waiter off. Everypony else has already left the restaurant. He glances at a nearby clock. Cadance is now four hours late.

Dangit, poor Shiney


I'm just gonna count my blessings that interdimensional travel is physically impossible and that I'll never meet this version of Cadence.

Boy, wait until Cadence receives the invitation for Anon and Zecora's wedding. She's gonna be furious.

man, Cadance was kinda a bitch to both Anon and Shining XD

Let's all be honest. It's really easy to let a 'hobby' become an 'obsession'. And while some of Cadence's dialogue was meaner than normal... if you were looking forward to something specific for an entire year and it didn't work out... wouldn't you be off your game too?

Why would they invite her? It would be more like a 'Sorry you couldn't attend our wedding' sent 3 weeks after the event.

Well, knowing Twilight, she's going to somehow find out and tell Cadence about it leading to Anon having to send the invite. Also, it would be the perfect revenge against Cadence for the pettiness she keeps displaying on Anon to tell her simply, "I didn't need the Alicorn of Love after all."

I do hope the Anon X Zecora fic is a sequel to this story just so Cadence can lose it and take the ultimate L in the end.

Wow Cadance is a absolute Cunt in this story. Just..... wow, I am glad I will never meet this version of her.

(Also, sorry if Cadance seemed OOC here. She was just... so fun to write like this.)

It's fine. My personal headcanon is that Anon's presence brings out everyponies inner troll/4channer

Cadance points to a nearby mare. Her mint-green coat and mane make her stand out among the folks in town, and her ((((((roommate)))))) appears to be busy buying them some sweets from a candy stall. Twilight shrugs, and the two make their way over to the mare.

The subtly and nuance is wonderful in this fic. It's done so perfectly and expertly, like that of a baseball bat through a window.
Crazy Cadance is Best Cadance

"The difference is that you're single by choice, Twilight. Anon is just a loser."


Twilight has failed her WIS save and takes 3d12 psychic damage.

Crazed Cadance is a good source of fun. Doubly so if it involves PEETZER! :rainbowlaugh:

If I answered that I'd have to raise the rating on this fic :rainbowderp:


So, the potion was a share activity zecora and Anon just enjoy? and decided that was a good way to pass the day? well that and doing lots other stuff while brewing XD, fit for each other.

I know I should think of Zecora and Anon kissing as something beautiful and serious, but I can't help but think of this dumb image pbs.twimg.com/media/FO8nvtgXwAcVzgy?format=jpg&name=medium

its ingrained into my soul


Well then until otherwise stated, I'm just going to have to assume it leads to something along these lines:

Maybe a sequel where Twilight finally works up the courage to ask Anon out, but it's revealed that he's been dating Zecora since forever, but he hides it from Cadance because she's a nutcase. And Twilight really should have known, but was simply too out of touch to understand what was in front of her face.

:twilightoops: "What do you mean you told me you when you asked her out? Well, yes, I mean of course you told me. But I thought you were you just being a good friend encouraging her to go outside! It's not healthy to stay cooped up indoors all day. Who does that. Don't answer that. And yes of course I remember that week you spent asking me advice on how to do it. But I'm the princess of friendship, I thought you just wanted friendship advice! How was I supposed to know that - well, right, yes, you did check out that book about Zebrican mating practices. And 'How To Ask a Zebra On a Date.' But seriously Anon, that's all just standard reference material! When you cried tears of joy after returning them and said you were forever in my debt and hugged me, I thought you were just thrilled about learning!"


My response to her would be:

And as she tries to get me to elaborate, I would just shake my head and walk away, probably with her following me to Zecora’s house.

if i ever meet this cadance i am going to thermonuke her out of existence

we all know we need the next one. Maby get someone else involved in the game. Luna could proberbly help make cadence unsure about her motives even more if she accidenly was given dreams about him in romantic settings

La verdad espero una tercera parte, solo sea en la boda

It's a crack fic. It's supposed to be a little out of character.

"EXACTLY! Hearts and Hooves Day is just a week away! What if he's getting desperate?!"

"If he is, it's because of what we did last year! Just leave him alone!"

"I'm sorry Twilight, but that's the one thing I absolutely cannot do. As the princess of love, it is my duty to resolve any love-related conflicts that might disturb the carefully preserved harmony of nature."

"...Which means you need to bother Anon?"

"It absolutely does."

You are just a dick.

"I'm sorry Cadance, but I'm not helping you with this again. You need to drop it. Just leave him be."

"But what if he has a marefriend now? Not only would that be extremely unprecedented, it would also mean that he DIDN'T TELL ME!"

sounds like the 'Princess of love' is trying to prevent someone from finding love.

This shit is hilarious and hey surprise chapter

Aww, that was adorable! And a second chapter too?? I can’t believe I would have missed this if I don’t check for new stories from you at least once a day!:twilightsmile:

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