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Following ya cuz of that comment on “Not what I expected”.
I laughed so hard with the criticism because it’s true. Not to mention this reminds me of cinema sims.

Sounds good, can't wait to read yours. ^-^


Luna wakes up on a train in the human world

She's human and has no magic

a story of self-reflection and personal growth

On this train are several other characters in a similar...situation

I'd say we're in the clear. Pretty much the only similarity between our stories is that Luna's on Earth.

Well dang, can't say I expected to be chatting with six people. Personally I expected just LordBucket, but good to meet you anyway. And to show that I'm the trustworthy sort I'll gladly make the first move here. XD

So my idea, simplified, is Luna wakes up on a train in the human world, it's just after she's been banished by Celestia. She's human and has no magic, so therefore no longer under the influence of her jealousy and more importantly Nightmare Moon. She's part way through her journey to eventually return to Equestria and canonically star the series. On this train are several other characters in a similar (though not the same) situation as she is, being from a fantasy world and trying to return to their respective homes.

It's going to be a story of self-reflection and personal growth, since that tends to be what I excel in as a writer.

Hopefully it isn't too samey to LB's piece. I can share the GoogleDoc for closer inspection if need be. That said, I'm genuinely curious what his idea *is* now that I'm here


I think we should both write our context entries, but avoid being exactly the same, so let's work together so that I don't end up copying you. What's your idea?

:twilightsmile: "That's a great idea! LordBucket's story starts at the time of Princess Luna's bani-"

:raritywink: "Ahem? Twilight, dear? I'm not so sure we should spill our secrets, darling. Besides, as the one proposing we work together, doesn't it fall on on this nice gentlecolt to reveal his hoof first?"

:facehoof: "That's not how collaboration works, Rarity. If we're working together we should both be completely open and transparent with each other, not maneuvering to convince the other to talk first."

:rainbowlaugh: "No, Rare's totally right. This is a competition! We're rivals! Trick this Keywii Cookies pony into telling us what he's gonna do, then we'll take it and make our story twice as awesome!"

:applejackunsure: "Ahm not so sure about that. Seems mighty dishonest. Flutters, what do you think?"

:fluttershysad: "Oh...umm, Well, I think-"

:pinkiehappy: "Oh! Oh! I think LordBucket's story totally needs more parties! Can you believe it doesn't even have one? Not even one!"

:twilightoops: "Wait. You've read it already?"

:pinkiehappy: "Yepperooni! Me and Fluttershy both!

:rainbowwild: "Ha! In your face, Keywii Cookies! So spill the beans, already! What's it about?!?"

:pinkiesmile: "Silly Dashie, you can't spoil a surprise. If you do then it's not a surprise anymore."

:rainbowdetermined2: "Yeah, yeah whatever. What about you Fluttershy? Anything you want to tell us?"

:fluttercry: "Oh. Umm, well...I didn't, it very much."

:rainbowderp: "What do you mean you didn't like it? It's not lame, is it? Tell me it's not lame! I gotta win this!"

:fluttershyouch: "Oh, no's not...lame...exactly. It's just, well...not very nice, is all."

:rainbowhuh: "It's a villain story. What did you expect?"

:fluttercry: "Well, certainly not the part where-"

:raritywink: "Ah, ah, ah, darling. Don't give too much away. We wouldn't Mr. Cookies to have...nightmares."

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