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This story takes place in an AU where Cadance and Shining Armor never got together. The world is otherwise unchanged.

The "Princess of Love" has many duties. Ruling over the Crystal Empire is, of course, her top priority, but she also oversees all matters relating to love.

...Well, that's a bit of a lie. While she is gifted in love magic, she rarely uses it. Love isn't something to be played with, after all. Still, that won't stop her from enjoying her super-secret hobby that absolutely no one is allowed to know about.

Except Anon. She likes him.

Day #7 of Hearts and Hands Week.

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Cadance stands from her seat and smiles at Anon. He sighs before moving over in his chair, giving her enough room to gleefully hop into the space next to him. It’s a tight fit, as the chair isn’t that big, but neither are bothered by it.

I just imagine a grown up pony jumping next to Anon like a Great Dane and it's absolutely hilarious.

Also First!

“Well… w-would you like to maybe… make your ship a reality?”

That’s cheesy as hell and you know it XD

Besides that, this was adorable! I’m a sucker for Anon and Cadence stories and this one is brilliant! Also, that ending hits a bit too close to home lol.

This story takes place in an AU where Cadance and Shining Armor never got together. The world is otherwise unchanged.

What does this mean for Queen Chrysalis and the changelings?

Wild-ass guess? Bug queen does a replacement of Love-butt just because, Twiggles & Co come to Canterlot on some other errand, Twiggles realizes that her foalsitter is sus (very sus indeed), tell Sun-butt about it, Sun-butt pretends to do nothing while watching closely, Twiggles goes extra Twiggles about the seeming inaction and confronts "Love-butt" only to get sent to the shadowrealm caves, real Love-butt gets found and rescued, fake Love-butt is confronted, Sun-butt activates her emergency bug-horse repellent spell, and Team Changeling is Blasting Off Again!

Awwwwww..... this was so adorable. Awesome job.


Give her a bouquet of pink heart balloons to match her booty.

...heck, they even both predicted that Glint would stay single.

DAMN pour one out for Glint. Apparently no one else is gonna

Second half of the story was adorable njnj

You're really throwing me in loop with a character you've already wrote outside this occasion. Which is fine, but you're not gonna sustain yourself on them forever there. Without repeat characters, you just about have 10 unwritten character needed. I wait with anticipation.

This was an awesome chapter.

Is this like a prequel or sequel to 'That's not Love, Cadance' or just another similar story in the same mindset?

So... are you bribing a moderator or something? Or does nearly every one of your stories just naturally enter the featured section?

Great wholesome read, absolutely loved it.

Nope, the stories are unrelated.

Still a good story

The mods don't decide what gets featured, it's entirely up to an algorithm based on views, likes and the sort. Apparently people just like my work enough for most of it to get featured. :twilightblush:

Your work is just really good, lately I've noticed a decent amount of your stories being featured, nothing wrong with being on a hot streak of great stories one after another :twilightsmile:

I always love Human x Cadance shipping, they just click perfectly and they're so cute and sweet.

Yeah, what's up with that?

Surely Anon won, since they got together on the night before and so technically not on Hearts and Hooves day

I’m not usually a fan on anon stories, but this was a fun read. :raritywink:

Probably cause Runics story's are very short and digestible usually along with being sweet fluff stories so are very popular

No negative points for an incorrect guess so technically it'd be a draw


That was adorable

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