This story is a sequel to A Sunny Day's Date

The leaves fall slowly around you and her, but all that comes to mind are the lines of her smile, her grace, her laugh.

Another Entry in the Date Series. No need to read the previous entries, but, hey, I can't stop you.

Happy Birthday, anonpencil

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:heart: are such a dork.

This is way too adorable. You had to have broken some sort of law with how cute this is.

Yep, laws were broken. Call the cops!


Where do we hide shinings body?

In Chrysalis's hive. She'll think of something.

huh an actually legit fanfiction by priest. Thought I would never of seen this day

Well, this is the third in this little series. You seem to be behind the times. ;)

So adorable it feels like it should come with a box of kittens the first time you read it.

D'awww. This was just too damn cute. Thanks for sharing priest.

I want more of this


Damn it Priest! Overdose of sweetness!

Now I want a baby bat...:fluttercry:

And another fic to add about cuddliest princess. Now lets wait for the 4th!

Comment posted by Enderslash deleted Jan 15th, 2018

Here's something that's been bugging me since I first started this series. Cadance is a teenager here I get. Doesn't that put this in the time period when she was foalsitting Twilight?

Or is this after Twilight became Celestia's student? Come on author. Details.

You bring up a good point. I'll keep this in mind for the next date :)

Cool. Another thing that this also brings up, is Shinning Armor. He and Cadance never becoming a thing is obvious. But I guess the rest is still open.


The instant that I read this, I immediately thought of this song:

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