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Anonymous is summoned by Princess Cadance during the Equestria Games. What he comes face to face with is a tearful, brokenhearted mare that needs someone to be there for her.

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yea If youre up to it, make it a full story with multible chapters:twilightsheepish: its great, and you made me want to rip Shinnings horn off and push it through his skull:pinkiehappy: so theres that.

*Insert MOAR Meme here because I am too lazy to find one right now*

i really like this...............i hope there is more:eeyup::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::yay:

god this needs to continue, with twilight and her friends finding out.

I would like to see more.

An extension of this story would be quite nice. I'd like to see Shining get his just reward for being a douchenozzle.

Sweet Baby Jesus! you gotta continue this!

It would be a crime not to continue this! I'm thinking a nice, long complex story...

Please write more. This story has a lot of potential.

Great one-shot! I do feel potential for this to be more than a one-shot as it is set up for Shining to do something, but I feel it is perfect as a one-shot and should be left that way. Either way, terrific story!

I respectfully demand MOAR! If that's not too much too ask that is :trollestia:.

i just hope yhis is longer then your other fics.:trixieshiftright:but i like i its a breath of fresh air not a lot of cadence fics with human :pinkiehappy:

I like it if you want to continue this story i will read it.

Do you have any idea what this is?! You just made pure gold! I want to see more of this!

Oh. My. Goodness. I did NOT expect all of the attention on this story. :derpyderp2:

Well. I suppose it's settled. I am changing the story to incomplete, and changing the name of the chapter.

Expect more to come. I'm so happy that everyone has enjoyed this story this much. I only hope that future parts are just as enjoyable.

4391112 Your name and forum pic is so ironic to what you create.

So I read it, and agree. This must be continued. Not much of a fan of second person stuff, but this really does it for me.

I would like to see this continued it has potential to be a nice long story with a number of things going on that would make it an interesting read.

4391199 seems like our friend Marshall's everywhere.

4391329 HEEEYY BUUUUDDDDDYYY:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:!!!!! It's been a while since we last chatted through the internet hasn't it?:twilightsmile:



...I don't want to take enough time to write my usual page-long tl;dr wall of text so I'm going to try to be blunt and simple: I didn't like the story. Some of that has to do with just basic premise more than actual plot, since Anon-Porn (and Anon-romance) really always feel like the laziest ways of playing out fantasies to me.

Some of it has to do with how this specific one operates. In particular, Anon's lines at the beginning- which I think were supposed to be "charming" and make it easier for the readers to imagine themselves in his place- made me completely unable to roll along with the central "anon could be anyone EVEN YOU YES YOU" conceit of the story. Why would I ever want to imagine myself to be the guy who doesn't learn who the royalty of the universe are even after apparently meeting them multiple times? Anon has all the tender charisma of a pigeon who just relieved itself on a national monument and hasn't quite recognized the significance of that in his introductory scene.

And then there's... that ending. Shining gets uberviolent because he has no self control or guilt whatsoever, and Cadance called for Anon because magic said she was compatible with him. So Cadance doesn't even like Anon for a particular reason, or know much about him- like, there's nothing actually about Anon in particular that she likes- it's just "she likes you, Anon. The magic said so."

Yeah no. Pass.


Anonymous in Equestria...

Well, other than that it's alright so I'll keep an eye on this.

Also, there's a numerical rating system for the emotional compatibility of a couple? :rainbowhuh: I'm not sure I like the idea that Cadance can assign an actual value to potential emotional attachment. I could understand soft or strong feelings related to it, (like Cadance nearly being knocked on her butt by the strength of her compatibility to You) but not a quantified scale.

I do so enjoy it when an AiE worms it's way into the featured box. Fills me with nostalgia I'll tell you what.

I'm glad to hear this story may continue, Flutterpriest. I just don't want to see you burn yourself out. You seem to be taking on a lot at the moment with starting new stories, finishing others, and converting some into prose. Don't overwhelm yourself. :ajsmug:
I feel the same way. Also, is it weird that I read your comment in Hank Hill's voice?

Don't let the down votes on your comment discourage you, I really value your opinion ScarletWeather. You hit the purpose of the introduction right on the head. It's meant to be lighthearted and funny to hook the reader before we jump knee deep into 'the situation'. I'm interested to see that it backfired in your case. I'll have to think of other ways to accomplish this in the future without making Anon -that guy-.

In regards to the latter point, what you and 4391376 mentioned regarding the 'score', I find intriguing. I didn't mention anything about a number system, yet, looking back I can see that the way that it is worded, the text gives off that feel. The way I envisioned it, (and what I was going to elaborate in the future) was that (FUTURE PART INCLUSION ALERT) the compatibility is seen like an aura around the two ponies when they are together. If the compatibility is strong, the aura is large, vibrant, and easily noticeable. However it does not assure attraction. That's where the Princess of Love's other powers step in. But that's not the point of this story, or will really be touched on. So, it's not an Actual Value, it's just a feeling. It also isn't really an actual value because ponies change, yadda yadda. You get the picture. Never the less, I will tweak a few words to make it a little more in-line with my vision. I very much appreciate your feedback and while I'm dissipointed that you didn't like it, I know I can't please everybody. I only hope to impress you next time :twilightsmile:

"None of this is fair to you either though... and I'm sure all of that sounds absolutely terrible and I would blame you if you call me a terrible pony for it."


4391112 This story. I approve! xD

My approval holds no weight really, but I was expecting a short sappy romance one shot, and instead this is truly amazing. I put all I had into Luna's Night Out, and I hate to say it, even though your chapter is shorter, it is definitely better than my story xD

Oh my, I remember seeing this on /mlp/ wasn't expecting to see it here. :P or was it here first?

Damn.. I did not expect this. I am happily surprised and I can't not favorite.

Dangit Butanon!
Somethins wrong with that boy I tell you what.

Comment posted by Veile deleted May 15th, 2014

tl;dr of this tl;dr
"It has Anonymous the human in it. Therefore, I automatically dislike it and you should too."

Another human x Cadence story... This is the second one I stumble upon, and so far it looks good. I hope you can reach the level of the other one that got completed a few days ago.

4392558 I know the one you're talking about. What is Love? right? Loved that one.

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