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Hi! I’m just a writer that loves MLP. It helped me out a lot when I was in a dark place. I hope you all enjoy my stories and don’t be afraid to offer me ways I could be better.


New Story! · 11:58pm January 7th

I have a new story coming up! Don’t worry, I’ll keep working on the others. The characters besides the ponies, are based on heroes I made in the Fractured but Whole. The story will also, be more than likely be rated mature and may be a displaced I’m not sure.

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No prob. Just telling the truth.

Hahaha :rainbowlaugh: Thanks dude.

Of course. I was already insane :pinkiecrazy:
Seriously though, I saw one of your pieces in a story that you, Flutterpriest and others co-authored. You have a talent with words, my friend.

Thanks for boarding the Crazy Train :pinkiecrazy:

2370940 No problem! Thank you for writing them and for being a good friend.

  • Viewing 97 - 101 of 101
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