This group is for those who will do anything to help friends. Need help with a story, talk about story idea, or just want to talk - we'll be here if you need us!

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We've basically confirmed that she is. Both accounts have the same blogging style, same avatars apart from the slight color variation (which she changed AS SOON as it was pointed out), and both took claim for art that didn't belong to either of them. Sunset deleted the "art blog" that we've had to alert a site admin about, so it's on record. See this post for evidence. And this one, as well.

EDIT: Both accounts have been permabanned, now. For lying, causing drama, and not only stealing art, but plagiarizing stories as well. She will not be missed.

With that, I do believe I will take my leave. Thank you for your cooperation, and I wish you well for the future of your group and its members.

365034 :facehoof: I don't think that Sunset Cloud is Nightflash... hold on, I need to see something

Alright then. Apologies if I came across as hostile or threatening, but I've merely seen a few recent incidents involving such events, and one of them is a member (if indirectly, as it is an alt account) of this group, we noticed. Pardon my suspicions.


364911 We don't encourage that :twilightsmile:

...For your sakes, I sincerely hope you don't encourage white-knighting here. I can respect helping out friends in times of need, but helping them in times when they are very clearly in the wrong? That earns no respect from me.

Just a friendly warning.


*Sees join tab*



"Walking with a friend in the dark, is better than walking alone in the light."
-Helen Keller

...I look forward to walking through the dark and into the light, with all of you.

I love friendship. It's quite magical.

Ok Turbo I'm on board now. Why not? :ajsmug:

361733 Ummm ok then:twilightsmile:

361733 Well, beautiful.

As an admin, may I suggest a name change? I understand the sentiment, but it's a little unoriginal isn't it?

361730 Everyone who joined is going to become admins

361721 AH! Am included in this? I've never been an admin!

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