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Rainbow dash is the best... No explination needed. Hope you like my Fanfics, if not then feel free to give me tips on how to improve my story. I also love dogs.

:yay: ATHIESM:yay:
why? because why not?


New era · 4:17pm Feb 14th, 2016

A new era is apon us, new of knowledge and easy access. That's why i find it hard to believe that most of the industrialized world are still religious meat eaters. I guess old habits die hard. But it begs the question. Why is every pony so obsessed with holding to their traditions for dear life, when all scientific evidence points elsewhere?

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OTP OTP OTP OTP OTP! like honestly raise your hand if you saw the resemblance.


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so i suppose this is my front page.iintresting,anyways all you need to know about me is that i enjoy writing but am quite frankly terrible at it. and ship literally anything that moves, and sometimes things that don't.:twilightblush: this is my relm! and anyone who ventures into my relm must be prepared to be bom barded with SHIPS!

for the fuck of it, here are the best and worst ships in existance and anything in between,:derpytongue2: i quite frankley don't care nor mind:trollestia:

Best Ships (In Order) : Worst Ships (In Order):

Discord x Celestia Sombra x Celestia
Fluttershy x RainbowDash Discord x Fluttershy
Rarity x Applejack Applejack x Rainbow Dash
Fluttershy x Rarity Discord x Luna
Twilight x Trixie ]
twilight x sunset
twilight x moondancer
Soarin x Spitfire
Luna x Sombra Twilight x Flash
Fluttershy x Sombra

Button x Sweetie Belle RainbowDash x Big Mac
Spike x Sweetie Belle Scotaloo x Apple Bloom
Soarin x Rainbow Dash Discord x Anypony (Other Than Celestia)
Derpy x Doctor Hooves Celestia x Chrysalis
Lyra x Bonbon
Chrysalis x Sombra
Vinyl Scratch x Octavia
Celestia x All Males ( Except Discord)
Most Incest Ships ( With Few Exceptions)
PinkiePie x Chesse
Most OC x MLP Character Ships
Scootaloo x Ruble
Luna x Twilight
Shining Armour x Cadence
Luna x Fluttershy
Sombra x Twilight
Spike x Rarity
Twilight x Big Mac
Celestia x Twilight
Soarin x Big mac
Cadence x Sombra
Shining Armor x Chrysalis
And Anything Inbetween Is Fine Aswell:pinkiehappy:


Editors, artists, and a promise! Oh my! · 9:19pm Mar 20th, 2016

So I've made a few hollow promises, saying the first chapter would be out soon and it isn't. Well, it is finished and ready but i sorta wanted to release it with some cover art and i'm not sure if I will get that. I might have to find a new artist or just use a picture from deviant art. I also finished the second chapter. It's not edited, so I need a new editor if anypony is intrested. My previous editor has a new job and new duties, that I wish him luck with:pinkiehappy:.

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Favourites ( Trying Not To Include That Much Dislestia. LOL)

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k thanks so much:heart:


Read your story! I liked it a lot. :twilightsmile: Left more detailed notes on the Gdoc. I'm Nine Calaveras.

Thanks for the fave of Night of the Full Moon :heart:


You flatter me! :raritystarry:

I'll take a look at your story and give some feedback when I have some time, okay?

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