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Troublesome Beast

I don't know, man. Those weasels were on fire when I got here.


An ending · 5:34am May 30th, 2018

"And they grew up, and wiser, and mostly happier. They grew together, and found ways to stay in touch; families were started by those who wished them, and fulfillment was found regardless."

"Where there was a way, redemption was found; where there was not, forgiveness post facto."

"Good sex, fun sex, healthy sex was had by those who wanted it, those who consented to it, those who participated in it."

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Your profile picture makes me really uncomfortable when i look at it too long

I'm afraid my ambitions have shrunk much; for the former, I'd say 'whoever has the greatest healing magic and understanding of the human body. For the latter, none; even though I wish I didn't have fibro and so much more, I am who I am and I am comfortable with that. I also wouldn't want to take over someone else's life, you know? And, ultimately and most importantly, my otherwise extremely tolerant spouse isn't into MLP so. :)


If you could spend the day with any character in (be they main or background characters) either the Equestria Universe or its human counterpart universe, who would it be and why?

Also, if you could be any of the characters from the series (be they in the show or in the comics), who would you be and why?

Would you mind if I could ask you something?

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