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Or else...

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That comic is giving me a good idea for a fic, well for after I finish an epic Starlight Glimmer story I am working on. Lyra and Colgate go through the portal, but now it leads to the G1 world. Colgate is looking for something different to conduct dental experiments on and of course Lyra wants the hands. I am thinking Megan would be the perfect target. One problem, getting Megan back to Equestria will be difficult as the G1 ponies will protect her at all costs, so maybe some changelings would be needed.

358577 Right back atcha (\

358570 know that :ajsmug: /) bro hoof

358528 You're not wrong Gundam, not at all.:raritywink:

358467 used too I still think she's hot.

327582 You and me both Gundamdragon, I used to have a huge crush on Megan back then too.:twilightblush:

funny, I have a story, where a pony waned a human for pet too

311203 these were the real ponies!

I grew up with g1 Megan is awesome:rainbowdetermined2:

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