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Hello and Welcome to the Group :)

PTSD Won't Stop Me is a group for those who are looking for stories where characters who have suffered from traumatic experiences find the strength to overcome and succeed.

They may stumble. They may fall. But these characters eventually find a way to overcome their PTSD and reach their goals.

Rules of the Group:

Note: Edit 10/4/2016 All the groups have been unlocked and are now on USER privileges, which means you can submit away! Just private message me when you submit a story so I can read it and give you comments :)

(1) Anyone may submit stories here as long as they follow the basic themes:
- The main character or major supporting character has suffered from a trauma and is trying to overcome it and/or succeed at a task that is being hindered in-part or full by the Trauma.

- The character eventually succeeds in some way even if losses occur along the way.

- The character is often (but not always) helped by others who seek to guide them when they suffer from their PTSD

- The character can be human, non-human organic, non-human robotic or anything really, as long as they fulfill the requirement of seeking to overcome their Trauma

(2) If you read any of the stories here and you happen to have suffered a trauma of any sort, please use caution when choosing heavier content which includes tags such as Horror, Gore, Dark, Sad, Tragic or Thriller. Consider those potential trigger warnings for stories with potentially sensitive subject matter or graphic detail.

(3) For now, I don't want to include any stories with explicit sex ("Sex" tag), but the "Romance" tag is absolutely perfect.

(4) I, Group Administrator Boardgamebrony, reserve the right to deny or remove a story which has excessive levels of graphic content or potentially triggering material, but this is very unlikely to happen as long as you follow the rules listed above. It's very possible to have intensely graphic stories in this group as long as they are done well and with respect for those reading who may have suffered something included in the story. In other words, it's highly unlikely I'll ever have to enforce this rule :)

(5) Be nice to each other in the forums. Treat others with respect and courtesy. If you have a problem, contact me through private message and I'll determine the proper course of action. Keep in mind it's very unlikely for someone to get outright banned as the vast majority of misunderstandings can be solved through calm discussion. Warnings will be given for the majority of infractions, but I will not hesitate to ban someone if they create a hostile environment. There are people who have suffered greatly here. Please be respectful of them.

(6) When you submit a story, please submit it to the most relevant group. So say you have a horror story that has some romance. It would go under the Horror folder. Think about what audience you're trying to reach :)

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WHOA! Five stories from ya! That's awesome! Imma check them out later. :D Rock on!


Okay, all genre folders have been set to USER so people may submit away now. :)


Oh shoot, let me change that. Dang, these forum posts on groups don't give me ANY notifications at all. :/

Just so you know, all your folders are locked. Nopony can submit a story.

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