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This group is dedicated to one of the best shippings, Braeburn x Little Strongheart (HeartBurn)!!!

Come on you cannot resist her x him

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It would be nice if the founder of this group could provide links to the banner/icon sources.

I nearly forgot about her until I saw this group! Thank you!

This here is my OTP.

And thus, another ship that I love.. shame it's cometsparkle... maybe I'll write a fic someday.

I know I already joined earlier today, but really, can't believe there's a group for this! Since it's been one of my most preferred ships for a long time, even if I'm not picky about ships too much. Kinda wish there was more interest or stories though... dunno if I'll write any, aside from in the background sorta of one (or more?) story(ies).

May I have a link the the avatar image?

309194 um i could try, i have just been very busy, but when i get around to it i will (it will be my second fic i had ever made XD no pressure :twilightoops:)

309193 Make it! Make it! Make it! Make it! Make it! :pinkiehappy: PLEASE!!!!

304418 so true *nods sadly* :ajsleepy: :fluttercry: i was thinking of doing a fic about them and they are planning on getting married but first they have to meet their future in-laws (alot of pressure for Braeburn to accommodate to the Buffalo's customs and ways of doing things in order to get the blessings of the Chief and Little Strongheart dealing with someponies telling Braeburn that he could do better and picking on on her bc she is a buffalo and not a pony)

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