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A Pikachu into ponies with some original ideas intended for your viewing pleasure. Now... if only I could write them, with some motivation! Since they date quite a while back due to laziness, heh.


Update to let you all know what's going on · 6:39pm Apr 6th, 2013

Hey to my few watchers (and even fewer who'd actually call friends, at least that're watching me on this site), sorry I haven't posted anything. Tried to do the story I mentioned would be doing in final day in final hours, but didn't do nearly enough and didn't finish in time and haven't gotten back to it since, been on bit of a Pokemon kick lately if didn't say so in last blog. And my apologies about that one, was just really downtrodden even if things STILL haven't gotten better more or less,

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No worries! And yeah, I decided to leave it ambiguous because 1). I was already approaching the limit for the contest, and 2). I decided the specifics didn't really matter in the end.

You're welcome! Though I hadn't looked at the tags too much and I assumed it was basically a short "love confession" story, didn't expect the whole "trans" thing on Zipp or that they were already on a date, but I'm not against it! And that ending! :rainbowlaugh: Sorry I didn't comment, kind of have had some issues fixing the order of my favorites of when they were "added" after I accidentally unfavorited one of the only stories I usually read anymore, though yours was short and I just thought I'd give it a read! Lord knows I don't make time like I used to, much less had I read ANY G5 fanfiction, even if I wasn't that into it until this latest season, the way that played out.

I assume from what I read that it meant she was born that way, guy parts but a feminine build/voice (or someone who got one when puberty occurred)? Versus someone who underwent any surgery in order to represent themselves that way... but if you don't wanna answer since I didn't actually comment there, that's fine! I still liked it! 👍

Howdy howdy, and thank you for adding So... you're cool with that? to you're favorites!

Comment posted by Aristagtle deleted Sep 27th, 2015

Hey! Thank you for your concern and sorry I never re-added you to Skype, if you're still under that name you told me about like... a couple of years ago, via XBox. Anyway, if this is mostly cause I haven't commented on your story in SEVERAL chapters (as opposed to how I used to talk to you via Skype now and again), it's cause... I haven't read them, no offense. I'm VERY sorry and I haven't lost interest in the show or your series, as it was among the first I read of MLP fanfic stuff, but it seemed like your chapters were consistently getting longer for a while... or something, and my laziness/disinterest in reading. As my interest in reading tends to wane back and forth sometimes. That's no excuse I know, as I do consider you a great author even before your writing style changed to a more proper style (as opposed to most of your Pokemon with Ash stories, where several characters talked in one paragraph). But it's the truth, sadly... :fluttershysad:

Although in recent chapters, I HAVE kinda skimmed/fast-read some of your earlier chapters (like with the anniversary of meeting Celestia, Luna, and Nightmare Moon) and even the recent ones, although I did skip over the whole... gruesome arc with yourself fighting Discord. It was pretty emotionally taxing, all that stuff afterward alone, even if I knew it would end well. But I also know I need to go back and read the other stuff too, as much as I may not want to despite that I knew it was coming, if you hadn't changed your mind about it as I sorta thought a couple times.

Also, I couldn't respond when I originally saw these messages because my laptop had broken back in January this year, when Dell failed to properly repair the port (back when I still had it under warranty and was the last time i could do so, back in maybe October 2013) and it eventually stopped being able to get a charge from the plug, as it wasn't the plug itself that wasn't working (like I thought for a while). I was mainly on XBox for months (still am, actually), playing video games I hadn't finished or even opened yet, despite having for some time (:twilightblush:) and briefly browsing the Internet, and it wouldn't let me comment on there. Even if I should've made an effort to fix it before now, though I still haven't (using a relative's laptop that they let me have), but I thought I should FINALLY respond to this message. Anyway, I shall try to start commenting again on the chapters, starting with the beginning of the next arc since I know the latest chapter of your story was the end of arc 3... or the main focus, at least.

And I may send you a PM regarding Skype and one or two other things I have thought about asking you about when I couldn't, but I feel this wouldn't be the place to do so, where anybody can see. Even if I haven't submitted any stories myself and am thus not watched by many users, as opposed to you and many other authors on this site. I DO hope you can understand and/or forgive me for this, and I do thank you for your concern about me.

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