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In Putting Your Hoof Down, Fluttershy only got a chance to dismantle Pinkie and Rarity. What if Twilight, Dash, and AJ were there too? Pic by John Joseco.

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I was inspired. Probably not that good, and Fluttershy might be too extreme, but I had to get this bunny out. Please, leave some constructive criticism!

Wow, very impressive considering how quickly you must have written it...

BTW, can someone tell me what the feather is going on? The screen went... all... tilt-y... Forgive my buffy speech...

That was brilliant, this should've been in the episode. Bu then you couldn't write about it as an original idea :fluttershysad:.

Well anyways, this was a nice short :raritystarry:

Holy shit, comments are dead. Hint: Edit your blank comments, it'll work.

Now, this was quite the gem. Talk about a barrage of armor-piercing visciousness. I do understand where Fluttershy is coming from, though. I'd be tired of being the butt monkey too, and I imagine what we saw was all of her pent-up anger. When nice people get mad, it's scary. But while everything she said is true, that's what makes them all wonderful characters. They each have glaring flaws. If they were perfect, I guarantee we wouldn't give a fuck about this cartoon.

Well, shit. You got my vote.

Mother of god... TWILIGHT NO!!!!!! I STILL LOVE YOU!!!!
*Coughs* So, let me get this straight....... Fluttershy verbally RAPES Twi and Dash and then she gets beaten by AJ? Is she your favorite pony or something?

Of all the days comments go dead, they go dead on MY STORY. :flutterrage:


When you comment, copy your entire post. Refresh the post, click edit above your blank post, and paste your message. Save, and boom.

Fucking do it, guys.

EDIT: There you go. Smart ponies.

Should I be concerned that I'm enjoying watching New Fluttershy tearing down her best friends? Because I'll admit, the uber-cynical part of me is just tickling with excitement.

No, Twilight is actually. AJ's my 5th, behind Twi, Pinkie, Rarity, and Dash. But AJ strikes me as the most secure of the ponies. She's content with who she is and where she is. That's her life. She's a practical sort.

I felt the same way. I love The Reason You Suck speeches.

I like your user pic, I used to rent that movie all the time as a kid. I miss the 90's.

As for the fic, I loved watching watching what essentially is the Roast of the Elements of Harmony with Fluttershy doing her best stand up routine.Then AJ became the voice of reason and talked Fluttershy down.

As funny as this is I think Twilight got the worst of it. I'd hate to see her tear into Spike. "You're not anyone's friend, you're just a servant."- something along those lines.

Ouch. That would've been great. But it was already getting kind of ridiculous with how every pony appeared RIGHT after the other left. Spike would've made it even more weird.

Okay, comments seem to be fixed. Yay!:pinkiehappy: Doesn't work retroactively, sadly. :fluttercry:

this was AWESOME. Now I must wonder what she would say to Celestia or Luna...then to herself when she's sent to the moon


LE GASP! a fellow Twilight ( not the book!) fan!!

I know right!? Twi is so underrated.:twilightsmile:


not really, Spike could have been with Twilight, who accidentally left him behind after teleporting away.

Yes, I see your pint and agree. Frankly, this story just came as a whim, a little rest from my other, bigger fic. I just busted it out. In that rush of writing, I often don't want to bore myself with the thoughts and want to focus on the good bits, the dialogue, y'know? But apparently this fic is pretty popular. I think it deserves some edits. Thanks for the constructive criticism!:pinkiehappy:

GENIUS. Thank you, good sir! Definitely will do that! Very smart, my man. :twilightsmile:

I know! My main fic, My Little Scrubs? Five chapters, comedic crossover with popular show, 34 likes, no dislikes, been up for about a week. Most views a single chapter has gotten is 311 views. This fic is already 9 views already from that, and has only been up for 2 or 3 hours. And already has 4 more favs than it! Plus, My Little Scrubs only has 5 more likes than this! Kinda sad how the fic I put up for fun and in a rush will probably be more popular than the fic I actually put some hard work into. :rainbowlaugh:

Well sir. I clicked because of 'The Reason You Suck'. Shivers, sir. You're terrific, and I loved this fic.

i loved the episode this morning, and i love this little piece of fic right here. makes sense that AJ (my favorite) set her straight. AJ always has been the straight pony in the group, more down to earth of sorts. lol im def giving this a like

Major edits here. Some elaborations on why she's so hard on the three ponies, along with an extra bold voice. I like it!:pinkiehappy:

Also added some ambiguity to the ending. Not sure if I'll continue this story or not.....

NOOOOOOOOOOOO A DISLIKE. MY FIRST DISLIKE SINCE I'VE GOT BACK INTO THE WRITING GAME. THIS IS THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING. Seriously though, I just wish they had left a comment to explain. Always looking for chances to improve!

i'm surprised you whipped up such a quality piece within a day. i applaud you sir

Frankly, I surprised myself with this. Honestly, I thought it was going to suck while I was writing it. Guess I'm an even greater writer than I thought!:rainbowdetermined2:

:unsuresweetie: :facehoof: :trixieshiftright: :ajbemused: :pinkiesick:


While I was glad they came out with a Fluttershy episode, "Flutterbitch" really killed it for me :fluttercry:

But cool story bro (no really, I mean it), and a dislike?

MADNESS! :flutterrage:

Yes, it is the return of the "Flutterjerk" :flutterrage:

Do you plan to do an epilogue where Fluttershy apologizes to Twi, Dash, and AJ for how she acted?

I'm seriously considering it. This story was just supposed to be a quick little one shot, but now it's so popular I might extend it.

:moustache: I like how Applejack was the one to get through to her. Good job.

Very good point, sir. This criticism has opened my eyes. Never have I seen such an incisive, yet helpful, critique. This shall make the story a million times better, a true work of art! Thank you. THANK YOU! :raritycry:

Alright, I'm going to continue this story. You guys win.

Well written, I feel bad for enjoying my favorite pony get put down, makes me want to console her though maybe that's why.

Dear princess Celestia today something happened that ah should to mention to ya. I DID IT AGAIN YEE HAW! ah Havent learned anything not once but twice! Pretty soon I might be your most faithful student huh! Your faithful one-upper Apple Jack:ajsmug: is what I saw in my head if you could wrap this story up like this Ill give you all my internets. :pinkiehappy:

This was great! I really love stories that cut to the heart of the conflicts between, and within, the ponies. Flutterjerk certainly has a lot to say, and really, she should have said it all a long time ago. I think the way Applejack talks her down makes a lot of sense, too.


This is good and you should feel good.


Yeah, yesterday was pretty trippy on this site, with all the blank comments and the tilted screen. I think Discord was on the loose. Either him or Pinkie.

A fun read, for sure. The only issue I have is you made my Rainbow Dash almost cry. :rainbowderp: j/k :pinkiehappy:

Added in Spike. Now his fans can feel pain too! :trollestia:

Thanks for including Spike, because technically he is a main character and was the element of loyalty for about 2 minutes. That was hilarious and mean. Flutterjerk attacking adults is one thing, but to verbally abuse a child...wow. I can't wait to see how she attempts an apology. She has insulted all six of her friends. The circle is now complete.

Peace Out.

This was impressively done, and very cool. But the thing that strikes me most because, let me be honest I'm a totally sappy love-love shmoopsy-boo shipper, is that it almost seems to give a very clear and REAL argument for Flarity shipping. And all while Fluttershy has no REASON to think shippy thoughts about Rarity. I love it. Masterfully done. :yay::raritystarry:

And since you're also in the Twinkie group, I can applaud your taste in other pairs as well. :pinkiehappy::twilightblush:

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