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Five Princesses captured by dastardly villains. It's up to the only free Princess left to save them. A delightful short fairy tale for a little sister. But all the best fairy tales have a grain of truth to them.

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Hey, hey! Good to see something new from ya on Fimfiction. :twilightsmile: I like the concept of the story being a very transparent roman à clef, being told by Rarity to Sweetie Belle. I really enjoyed Rarity's terrible pseudonyms for the various MLP antagonists as well as her friends, and my fave single line was "-and maybe a little whining ..." Hee. I do think the Omniship ending was a bit out of left field, though, and the story probably would work better if there'd been more build-up for that or if a different ending had been substituted.

This is.really good

Oh, Sweetie Belle. :unsuresweetie: :twilightsmile:

Awful wrath. They will face it.

I can only imagine what the wedding would be like

:trollestia: : And so with vested in me, by me I now pronounce you Wife and Wife and Wife and Wife and Wife and Wife. You may now kiss, prefferably with each of you paired up so we can do this three pairs at a time because we have about fifteen potential pairings to work through and this could take a while

Aww, very cutesy wutsy! Good to read after reading a sad fic!:pinkiehappy:

I try to never leave a down vote without saying why, so here it is. The story feels too rough and unpolished in a bad way. The trope of "why do we have that lever" doesn't work because his plan requires the machine to have a reverse function. If Chaos can just snap his fingers and reverse the machine why not just snap his fingers and suck the magic out of them? And the ending... I seldom say this but Stephen king did it better. I doubt Rarity would say something like that to Sweetie Belle. All things considered I liked the concept, thought Rarity changing the names i her fairy tale version was a good idea but don't like the story.

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