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The second installment in the Turning Heart series, Fading Kindness, continues one month after the events of Inner Cacophony.
Fluttershy’s reintegration with society does not go as planned, prompting her to attend an assertiveness seminar. But when she becomes a whole new pony, what are the consequences? Will she fall to the darkness inside her, or triumph over it?

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:applejackconfused:Oh, damn.

:rainbowderp:Oh, damn.


Flutterbitch is back! And in full force!:yay: And that ending! That ending...:derpyderp2:

NEXT CHAPTER! NOW!:flutterrage:

Or, uhm, whenever you get done with it. whichever you want.:fluttershyouch:

well its not the next chapter per say, every short story is its own standing story in the series as putting them together wouldn't do it justice.

Flutterbitch doesn't really fit her anymore, Flutterdemon is more like it, the way you adapted the Iron Will episode is very well crafted, looking back at it it fits into your previous fic quite nicely, if I had one complaint it would be that there are still the odd sentence or word that isn't in italics or spelled correctly or whatnot, the story is very solid, dark, gripping and incredibly tragic seeing the element of kindness twisted into a sadistic demon through no fault of her own, I await the next story with great anticipation

362942 You'll definitely love to see how things turn out in the third installment of the Turning Heart series. Stay tuned for its release :3

I love evil Fluttershy.

380873 Nice to know that. Thanks for reading :3

If she have received dark magic and can use it, I don't think she can be considered a normal pegasus anymore. Flutterbitch can't compete with this. I feel completely willing to call Fluttershy a demon now, atleast in this fic. Do you plan having Twilight figuring out what's going on if you make a new installment? That would make one hell of a battle!

416910 I won't reveal much, but I will say you have a good idea of where things are heading ;3

Damn, it fits in to the show so well! Kudos.

Very well written, esp. with the creepy stuff. The ending... what a cliffhanger

What is the name of the next installment? I'll await a reply.


I was given a preview of the next installment quite some time ago. I don't think Henry will mind if I tell you nothing more about it other than that it was entitled Corruption's Embrace. I'd assume that's still the running title but it's been so long since I've heard anything about this series that I'm not totally sure if it's been updated or not. I'm beginning to fear the story may be up for abandonment, which would be a shame. Naturally it's incredibly rare to find a well-done story about a pony like Fluttershy taking an irredeemable descent into evil in a manner that remains consistent with her character.

3362574 Well... it could come out of a possible/i] abandonment if somebody wanted to say team up with me and finish this.

A story that I am making called "World of Disharmony", might make a reference to this one....,if that's ok with you.:fluttershyouch:

I have a story in progress that'll make a reference to this one, I hope you check it out when it's done, The name of the story is World of Disharmony.

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