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Credit for Artcover: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Marik_Azemus

When the burdern of rejection becomes too much to bear, Spike casts his life in Ponyville aside for a clean slate. A re-imagination of his own character at the expense of the feelings of his friends. Days, weeks, months, and even years go by as Rarity lives in the regret of her mistake when she realizes the worst thing possible— she loves him, yet she pushed him away because of her shallowness. What happens when the wayward dragon returns home?

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Cool story, Bro. :moustache:

Almost forgot about this one.
Still a solid story, my friend.

That was pretty touching... but I'm a man, so, no feels.

2393922 :rainbowlaugh: It's all good, I won't tell anyone all the feels you felt.

This turned out different than what I thought was going to happen. Have you considered a side story of what Spike has been up to and how he met Garden.

2394070 I actually have. I initially wrote "Love Somepony" as a spin on the usual idea of what everyone expects of a Spike X Rarity fic and pushed it in a different direction. By the time I was almost done writing it, I realized that this fic could have a predecessor that leads to "Love Somepony". Sometime in the future, I'll most likely write the fic, but for now, "The Mute Octave" is my main priority along with a tentatively titled story, "Project Rising Hope". Maybe after I wrote those stories, I'll revisit this universe and continue it.

I'm not seeing why the Tragedy tag is needed. Nothing really tragic like somepony dying happened.

Good story overall, however I feel as if there should be more to it like a sequel explaining Spike and Rarity's "new" growing relationship with one another. Cause I feel like the story ended on a bit of a cliffhanger.

2394669 Nay, it has an open ending. That's different from a Cliff Hangar, if only slightly so.

2394757 Regardless, this warrants a sequel.

2395148 Aye, and I shall either write it myself, or be the editor when he does so. :yay:

Comment posted by xCrossx deleted Apr 9th, 2013
Comment posted by xCrossx deleted Apr 9th, 2013

There once was a Drake named Spike.
He found out his crush was a dyke.
He ran far away, and found a new filly to play,
So now he's hoping for his own tyke. :moustache:

.... Which begs the question: If dragons are born from eggs, would they really be compatible with ponies?

2395246 If you write it, I'll help look over it and make sure the story is great.

2395599 Aye, but that's a donkey, not a pony. And besides, the dragon was the one giving birth, and that is almost definitely a case of Our Dragons Are Different.


Rarity, you lost your chance girl! :rainbowlaugh:

2395668 Woo~! I'd appreciate it. Want to know Spikes new love's full name?


2395723 Why Soundgarden... I'm afraid I don't get it.

(Love the band, but don't get the reference you're making)

Magic is a strange and powerful thing.

2395879 The mare's last name in this fic is given, she's a pegasus named Garden. That's all the info you're given in the fic. Why would a pegasus have a name more likely used by an earth pony?

Simple: her first name is Sound.

She floats like a mel~o~dy,
So soft and so sweet~
Her voice lilts like a free birdie,
She's got me tappin' my feet~

I love the way her eyes shine,
Like a time-froze fire cracker~
I love how she'll say she's mine,
But she takes the cake, and I'm the batter~!

It's a WIP, but this might show up in the sequel or even the prequel. :moustache::moustache::moustache:

She seems to fall in love with Spike out of nowhere.

Ah, regrets. They're not just for some, they're for all. :raritydespair:

That was cute. :twilightsmile:

Nice:ajsmug: very nice

A great and wonderfull story! A classic pairing with a twist. Very much deserving of being on the featured list!
No emoticon can express the cool calm seriousness i would like to convey to you about this story so instead have the closest equivalent.
Spike! :moustache:

Ack... bittersweet. :raritydespair:

2398560 Sorry, would you like some sugar? :ajsmug:

I read the ending, and have no idea what happened

*slow clap*

I've often been disappointed by spikeXrarity fictions--they often follow predictable lines, lack character development, or are unflinchingly gratuitous. I enjoyed this one--your change from the normal is just enough to twinge; Spike confessing, being rejected, leaving and Rarity changing her mind in his absence is not all that uncommon; but Spike changing his as well--it's painfully more realistic and used much less; in part because of that. Spike grew up and found happiness elsewhere--but she grew down and sunk deeper. The bittersweet ending for Rarity is almost refreshing in that sense. :raritywink: *

The scene where he ran away could have done with some more fleshing out and/or dialogue--I would really liked to have seen Rarity defend her stance or Spike call her out on it--but at the same time I can sort of understand that feeling when someone is done listening before you're done explaining. If you haven't noticed, I'm a bit of a walking tl:dr.

*Any sense of irony instilled by this particular emote is acknowledged but was not the sole intent

not one for the kind of music but the song 'skater boy' was ringing through my head the moment the pegasus came into the picture.

Interesting. I've seen a few "Spike goes away, comes back, Rarity romance ensues" and that's pretty much what I was expecting.
Even halfway through I was waiting for the "I love you! Let's be happy together" scene.
Did not expect Spike to be with someone else, to the point of near-engagement no less.

A good twist. I like.

2398766 Thanks a bunch. I know some people aren't happy with the fact that I "mislead" them by playing into the atypicalness of the sparity XD

2398980 I'm glad you enjoyed the story regardless.

I hate you, you made me cry a manly tear

2399139Don't you mean...liquid pride?:scootangel:

2395707 A donkey and a pony are kindred, if you haven't noticed. Also, the dragon never laid them as eggs; they are clearly mammalistic with draconic attributes like their wings.

Comment posted by Uberdeathninja deleted Apr 9th, 2013

2400231 Yes, which is a clear indication of, as I said before, Our Dragons Are Different. Spike came from an egg. If the Dragonkies were born the mammalian way, then I'm correct. :moustache:

2400232 I've seen simpering neanderthals write more eloquent comments than you. :duck:

2398883 Probably because we made an allusion to it in this way:

"They loved it more than the trash they wanted me to sing. Something about a Scooter Girl, I think. Actually, that song sounded more like Sweetie’s or Scoots’ style, anyways."

2398766 Yeah, the running away scene went through a change or two. At first, Spike was going to explode and just rant at her, but it seemed quite OOC, so we tried Rarity begging him to wait, stop, just hear me out-! But we decided this one was better for the sole fact that it makes sense, especially with how young Spike really is.

Comment posted by Uberdeathninja deleted Apr 9th, 2013

This was a nice read, even if it was pretty clear from the word "go" where this was headed.

How does this qualify as "Tragedy", though? That ending might be bittersweet, but it's not as if anyone dies or goes insane or anything like that.

Edit: Also, there are currently two stories of this kind (Spike getting over Rarity) in the feature box right now. Strange how that happens.

That's life for you. :ajsmug:

Well done.

Comment posted by xCrossx deleted Apr 9th, 2013

2400406 Me? Worthy? :rainbowlaugh:
Dude, I work the front counter in a bakery that doesn't even sell coffee. I'm not worth shit. :yay:

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Comment posted by Super_Big_Mac deleted Apr 9th, 2013
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