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Yeah I've been gone for a while... · 8:06pm Jan 31st, 2013

Sorry I've been gone for a while I've been working with a friend on writing a story we're gonna try to get published.
In other news I'm finally remaking My Little Apple Pie, my first story I've ever written and the only I've finished.
I've become much more experienced when it comes to story writing, and I finally got Microsoft word so hopefully no more gramatical (:3) errors

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*checks watch*

Last seen Sunday March 22, 2015 @ 5:09am

Guess we'll never see MLAP 2.0

I hope you're doing good (wherever you are), and that you got that book published.

-Evil "the-asshole-that-ripped-MLAP-a-new-one" Paladin (:trollestia:)

42759 Sure I'm getting back into Writing again so I'll get to work on it after doing a few more chapters of War Of Equestria and Nightmare In Ponyville.

can you make something like "my little flutter"? plz and thank u :fluttershysad:

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