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An author who's stories may not be good but at least he tries...

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All of my op characters · 2:57pm October 12th

This post will show you all of my op characters. I apologise in advance.

Rinda Mew(although the Pokemon Mew's genderless, I'd give it she/her pronouns) : a hyper little Pokémon who is much older than she looks, she loves playing games and breaking the 4th wall. Knows all moves but mostly uses her psychic abilities. Dislikes being called "Queen" yet doesn't mind being called "Lady Mew".

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Anarchy: *insert sarcastically funny response*

*insert funny comment*

Merry Christmas dear Polaris Solarmoon! May this Christmas bring you joy, happiness, health & prosperity to you & your family! Have a blast! :pinkiehappy:🎅

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