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An author who's stories may not be good but at least he tries...

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Cutie Marks of the Godly Six · 9:15am July 29th

Hello all I have decided to tell you about the Cutie marks of the Godly six from the Godly View Universe.

Scythe: Queen Mortema's cutie mark, it said to represent Death. It's often hidden by her cloak.

Tree of Life: Queen Vita's cutie mark, it is said
to represent Life.

Pile of Gems: Rare Fortuna's cutie mark. It represents Fortune and Wealth.

Star infront of a closed Book: Wisdom Spark's cutie mark. It is said to represent Wisdom but most ponies don't believe so.

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Merry Christmas dear Polaris Solarmoon! May this Christmas bring you joy, happiness, health & prosperity to you & your family! Have a blast! :pinkiehappy:🎅

Thank you for following me! xxxx

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