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Mena Pie is a rather shy pony, so shy in fact that she hardly ever goes outside, some say her shy nature came about when she was a little filly others blame the Sonic Flowerboom for scaring her. Either way she won't tell a soul as she is mute and cannot speak.

Chapters (5)

A brand new Goddess has joined the likes of Queen Mortema and Queen Vita, how will she fare among the Goddess Seven. Only time will tell...

(starring Viper Pit as herself)

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The Legendary View Universe is world were a number of the main sixes destines have changed due to were they were born or what they now are. Each mare has changed dramatically from their canon selfves.

This story is a retelling of the first episode of mlp.


Flutterbat /The Angel from the Shadows ( Element of Loyalty): a mare who's both feared and respected by Queen Dreamweaver's Night Guard, she was born a bat-pony so her destiny had changed, her cutie mark is now three pink bats surrounding a shield, which represents her unyielding bravery.( like canon Fluttershy, she too was bullied,not for her shyness but for how she looked.)[Fluttershy/Flutterbat(canon)'s counterpart]

Windibow Flash( Element of Generosity): a fashion forward mare who's known for her pretty dresses and kind heart, she's good friends with Flutterbat.(she is dramatic but not to rarity's extremes)[rainbow dashes counterpart]

Sunbeam Sparkle( Element of Honesty): a mare who works as a crystal farmer, she is incredibly stubborn and will not back down from a fight. ( Like Applejack, she too knows when your lying to her.)(twilights counterpart]

Shining Gemstone(Element of Magic): a mare who is the personal student of Queen Dreamweaver, she along with her little dragon assistant Opal are well known in Canterlot for there friendly demeanor and caring heart. (is just as book crazy as Twilight Sparkle)[rarity's counterpart]

Orchard( Element of Kindness): a shy recluse who takes care of both plants and animals,she's often seen working in the castle gardens. [applejack's counterpart]

Joyful Jubilee( Element of Laughter): a young Changeling that loves thowing parties and making ponies happy, she is known The Party Queen. (like Pinkie Pie, she is also known to pop up out of nowhere at times)[pinkie pie's counterpart]

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle meets the Mixed Six

Glitter Brightstar's Grand Finale party was good but now she wants to have a much bigger party and this time Everyone is invited!

And I mean Everyone...



1. Twilight Sparkle

2. Fluttershy

3. Pinkie Pie

4. Rarity

5. Applejack

6. Rainbow Dash

( Different View universe normal and Anti)

7. Glitter Brightstar

8. Prism Shine

9. Prof. Pinkamena Dianne Pie

10. Flutterbold

11.Jeweled Apple

12. Quartz Bell

(The Other View Universe)

13. Dr. Flora Shy

14. Peaches Pie

15. Shine Spark

16. Joyous Rainbow

17. Stormy Diamond

18. Applegem

( The New View Universe)

19.Sunny Sky

20. Moonlit Sky

21. Shining Twilight

22. Midnight Serenade

23. Windfeather

24. Random Question


That's right everyone from all of my Au's are making an appearance in this new story which is going to be a comple redo of The Grand Finale ,which means that there is a lot of characters and I'll need a lot of time to do this story I hope you guys understand.

The Other Au's not listed

The Ultima Universe

The Final View Universe

The Hyper Universe

The Random Universe

The Opposite View Universe

The Altered View Universe

The Legendary View Universe

The Godly View Universe

The Kidverse

The Mixed View Universe

The Alternate View Universe

The Beautiful View Universe

The Future View Universe

The Mirrorverse(my version)

And The Monstrous View Universe.

(Inspired by https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-70Tmxcf_2g)

Chapters (2)

A very random story that stars Shadowlight Darkspark as she goes about her day, that is if she doesn't get distracted by the voices in her head or by the ponies reading this story.

(*sighs* Shadowlight Darkspark can also break the fourth wall...)

[Ps: this will be one odd story.] (will be rated t for mentions of Death and murder...)

Chapters (1)

Darklight Day has returned and everypony is getting ready for the car dy giving holiday, here's to another good Darklight Day!

Twiset Brightmoon: Is that all, how boring...

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle uses the Universe Swap spell once more but this time she accidentally puts herself in The Mixed View Universe! Now she has to get used to the unusual scenery until the spell wears off. That is if a certain draconasus doesn't mess with her...

Chapters (1)

When Twilight tries to test a spell on Spike, it sends him to another Universe where the Mane/Main 6 are Goddesses of that Universe. What happens there? Will Spike be able to get back home safely?What dangers lie there? By reading this story, you will soon find out.

(This will be my first story for this world so I apologize in advance if it Is bad.)(Starlight Glimmer and Glitter Brightstar will both make an appearance but is only a cameo appearance and they'll not impact the story at all,sorry...)

[ ps to those people who do not know whom Glitter Brightstar is just look here https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/802359/the-different-view-universe]

(big thanks to Princess Crystal Bunny for helping with the editing.)

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During a meeting between the Princesses, Celestia is suddenly swapped with Solar Tempest from the Different View universe. Thanks in part to a certain somepony, now Luna has to get used to talking with a pony who's almost like her.

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This story is a sequel to Queen Fluttershy's Kingdom 2

Queen Fluttershy's Royal Changeling Guard finds Discord and brings him to the Castle, the "Luna-ling" and Fluttershy have a nice talk before hoof.

The near finale for the Queen Fluttershy's Kingdom series...

Chapters (1)
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