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Even more New Characters for the Shifted Six Universe · 4:09pm September 13th

Just like before I'm adding some characters in that I didn't originally, this time being Cadence and Shining Armor. Bios below.

Calenza "Strongheart" Sparkstar: The second in command of the royal guard, she and Aegis Solarmoon often butt heads and are rivals, she's Twiliana "Glitter" Sparkstar's older sister and looks after her in the stead of their parents who passed away.

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New Characters for the Shifted Six Universe · 12:15pm September 13th

You all remember when I first made the Different View Universe before it's Name Changed to the Shifted Six Universe yeah? This post in particular will focus on the named Changelings that I didn't add to the au at the time because I couldn't think of good names for them , however that has changed and I'm adding them in, here's their bios.

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Devilish View Universe · 1:51am August 9th

An au based on Tartarus/Heck itself as well as the seven deadly sins, bios below.

Queen Penumbra: the ruler of Tartarus, many fear her and none try to test her, her playful personality is a disguise for her cruel nature.

Twiwraith (Pride): a prideful demonic pony who claims to be the right hand mare to the Queen, the pony of wrath thinks otherwise.

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Godly View Universe update! · 1:20am July 17th

Hi long time no see yeah? So I'm updating the Godly View Universe so changes are a comin' so yeah

Queen Mortema is now named Queen Grimrose a name I should of used when I first made this au, she appears emotionless but is actually a calm and kind character who can be a bit mischievous at times. She and the Goddess of Life Aurora Flash are the same pony.

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Ocean View Universe · 1:37am June 9th

An au set on the treacherous seven seas with the main six as swashbucklin' Pirates now here be the crew of the legendary ship the S.S. Highwind

Captain Skywave

First mate: Sunlight Star a.k.a. "Sparks"

Cook: Rose Pie

Shipwright: "BlackJack" apple

Navigator: "Jewel"

Sniper: Prism Flash

Musician: Havana Flare

Medic/doctor: Nightwave Flare

Cabin Boy: "Snaggletooth" the dragon


... · 7:08am May 15th



This one is pretty good, I had the idea to make this story a week ago.

However I'm a little sad to not see anything on it. likes, dislikes, etc. I want to know, is the story bad? Or good? I'd like to know...

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Villains of the New View Universe · 3:15am February 28th

Should of posted this ages ago but here are the Villains for the New View Universe. For those who don't know the swaps are Fluttershy is swapped with Celestia, Rarity is swapped with Luna, Twilight Sparkle is swapped with Cadance, Rainbow Dash is swapped with Gilda, Pinkie Pie is swapped with Discord, Applejack is swapped with Chrysalis and Spike is swapped with Dragon Lord Ember.

Anyway Villain bios.

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Shifted Six Universe · 4:45am January 3rd

Hi sorry for being so inactive as of late, I just stopped doing stories because I just didn't have any clue what to do. Anyway I just got a new idea for the first au I made which was called "the Different View Universe" which in turned named after Killme2paza's a different view of reality au but after some thinking I've decided to rename my different view to The Shifted Six Universe now the au is unique. I'm also changing up my au ponies as well for this universe, however not all changes I do

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Godly View Universe: Personalities and Physical Ages · 2:13pm Oct 30th, 2021

A new update on The Godly View Universe. I'm going to show some of the Personalities of the Goddesses and (one god) as well as their physical ages since they're all immortal anyway.

Queen Mortema: Emotionless but sometimes shows a humorous side is also a sadistic mare at times. Is physically the same age as Fluttershy herself.

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Omega View Universe... · 3:08am Oct 16th, 2021

So uh hi Polaris here, I just wanted to ask you all one question...

Are you ready?

Light... Darkness... Hope... Love... Time... Space... this is the Omega View Universe..

Queen Lumina Goddess of Light

King Nightfall God of Darkness

King Nardaxll God of Hope/Dragons

Duchess Amore Goddess of Love

Tempora Goddess of Time

Cosmos God of Space

Welcome to the Omega View Universe a world of ocs....