A Day with The Goddess of Death

by Polaris Solarmoon

A Day with the Goddess of Death

Death... Decay.... Darkness.... Of all of those things I represent my sister is the opposite of , She is known by Queen Vita. If you wish to know my name I'll tell you,I am simply known as Queen Mortema but most know me as the Goddess of Death. I care not for feelings or emotions as they are not helpful to me.

Enough introductory, let us move on with this story.

My day started off with a simple walk though my domain that I call the Void. A place where lost souls live at peace with one another.

Upon seeing me they do their best to stay out of my way. Some wave at me or even bow, I'd paid them no mind as I have to meet with my sister who lives in a place simply known as the Ather. A place for us Goddesses to live alongside angelponies and dragons.

Walking within this place of light was not to my liking but must mull my way though if I wish to see my sister.

As I walk through the Ather I come across some of my fellow Goddesses chatting with one another once I pass by they go quiet and stuff with fear, I simply walk through them without care and make my way to Castle Vita which is not to far from this point on my journey.

Once I make my way over to the castle I stop and bask in it's glory. Such a beautiful place made out of a mix of stardust and diamond and is home only to my sister and her messenger who upon my arrival hides behind a pillar.

"Ah greetings Mortema, what brings you here this day." My sister says once I go to sit down in the middle of the throne room.

"You should know sister, your messenger called me here.." I replied.

"Oh my, forgive me sister. My memory is faulty at times. Now then where are the others? They should all be here before we begin this meeting." My sister says in her usual tone. I simply shook my head and my sister knew what that meant.

"Oh I see, very well let us wait until they arrive." And we did...

I took a long time until the other Goddesses arrived but both myself and my sister are patient beings.

"Sorry we're late~!" I hear Wisdom Spark say in a sing sing voice as she cheerfully flies in.

"That's because you held us up with a long story about "the many uses of sugar!" Was Windfeather Tempest's rather irritated response.

"Now Windfeather please go easy on the dear, she may be a goddess like us but she is technically a still a child." the calm and kind Natura says as she gracefully lands near the others.

"If your mad anyone be mad at me, it's my fault for asking." Jubilant Joy said as she finds a spot near Natura.

"Indeed she was rather curious." Rare Fortuna adds in.

The other Goddesses then started to argue with one another on who really was at fault until I simply said "Enough" and they all stopped.

"My, my I guess even we Goddesses can argue over trivial manners." My sister says cheerfully.

I simply sigh then relax myself.

"Let this meeting begin." My sister says in a more serious tone.

The meeting was as some would say interesting. Vita simply wanted to see how we all were doing as goddesses. Windfeather , Wisdom Spark and Natura as well as myself have done well, Joy however has had trouble bringing happiness to a few mortals but despite that she's also done well.

After the meeting was over I stayed behind as the other Goddesses left. Each saying farewell in their own unique way.

Once everyone left I tapped on my sisters side and asked her why even set up the meeting in the first place.

She would chuckle before saying," I was simply trying to make sure everyone was doing okay. Goddess or no it's not good be unfruitful.

I nod then leave her side to head back to my domain but before I do I head to do my job and seek out new souls to bring to my domain to judge if they're worthy of going to the Ather or sent to the depths of Tartarus.

I land in the mortal relm during the night and start my search. As I walked through the vast land I made sure to keep my power at bay incase I cause some unnecessary deaths as all who touch me will die even the plants on the ground wither in my presence, I simply continued on without a care.

I would eventually find an unfortunate changeling who seemed to have barely survived an attack by a scorpony. It was bleeding out and was definitely close to dying so I stepped closer. It knew who I was and accepted it's fate.

If I had empathy I'd feel sorry for the badly injured bug but I don't. So I summon my scythe and take it's life. It's better to put it out of it's misery then to just simply leave it. Again I don't care for it and would gladly watch it suffer from it's injuries. But enough of that.

I would then guide it's soul to my domain to judge at a later time as I felt even more lost souls needed my guidance. So I return to the mortal relm and go to find another soul to guide to my domain.

It didn't take long for me to find one no many... All of them Changelings, curiously scattered around as if whatever killed them was leaving a trail right to them. So I followed the trail,collecting as much souls as possible until I eventually find the culprit behind the slaughter. A lone scorpony that was hunting them down. I remembered the injured changeling and watched as the hunter kills another Changeling and began to eat it. To be honest I was rather entertained by the creature and noticed that it was starved and was definitely desperate. As for the creature itself it was an obvious female. It's body resembled a earth pony mare but with a scorpion's tail. It had a wild mane and a deep purple fur.

It would eventually notice me after it was finished and gave a feral hiss before fleeing. I chuckled at this and took the soul of the dead Changeling it was feasting upon. I would then leave for my domain with the large bounty of souls I collected thanks in part to the odd mare. Why did I leave that mare alive you ask? It wasn't her time...

I returned to my domain with the souls I collected and judged then all accordingly. Most of them were old and some were extremely ill before their death. I wasn't surprised at the least. I did notice a few that were rather young as well but judged them all the same way as the older ones. I felt nothing for them and continued on.

Once I was finished with the souls I went to my castle within my domain and sat down to rest until it was time to harvest souls again...