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Sorry for posting this here, but I wanted you to see this...

Ps: I should of told you before that I'm not very patient and can get upset rather quickly and you're right by the way,instead of relying on just one person for help I should have gotten more, my impatience and anger not only lost me a follower but a good helper as well, I'm sorry.

ok your done with writing storys with me.. that's fine. Can I still ask for advice every one in a while and say hello from time to time? I'm still going to write storys. I don't know if there will be posted on this bored. Oh you do know you can use more then just one person as a time for idea's. That way if one person is busy or something, life happens, then you can get input from other people. Oh by the way. I don't know if you care or not, but you hurt my fellings. YOu could of simpley said that you want to get more advice from other people. Well you should have been doing that all along. Well good bye. I think your message was very inconserderate. So I must be a good think that this communication is terminated.

Comment posted by Polaris Solarmoon deleted May 1st, 2018
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