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Thought For The Year - 2023

Then meditate on your perceptions.

The Buddha observed, ‘The person who suffers most in this world is the person who has many wrong perceptions, and most of our perceptions are erroneous.’

You see a snake in the dark and you panic, but when your friend shines a light on it, you see that it is only a rope. You have to know which wrong perceptions cause you to suffer.

Please write beautifully the sentence, ‘Are you sure?’ on a piece of paper and tape it to your wall.

Meditation helps you learn to look with clarity and serenity in order to improve the way you perceive.

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    Newbie Dash, the seventh episode of Season Six was originally aired on May 7, 2016.

    In this episode, when Rainbow Dash makes a bad first impression after joining the Wonderbolts, she is saddled with a mortifying nickname.

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    Fluttershy Leans In, the fifth episode of Season Seven was originally aired on May 6, 2017.

    In this episode, Fluttershy tries to stand up for her ideas in order to realize her dream of building an animal sanctuary.

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    On this day, 12 years ago...

    The Best Night Ever, the twenty sixth episode of Season One was originally aired on May 6, 2011.

    In this episode, Twilight Sparkle and her friends attend the Grand Galloping Gala, but none of their experiences meet their expectations, much to their disappointment.

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Thank you for the watch. Have a follow in return! :twilightsmile:

Well, it was a fun version of the gore story everyone knows, props to you! :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for adding my story to your bookshelf! I hope you enjoy it!

It's been good so far, yours?

Thank you!

How's your day been?

I'm good, hope you are too! :twilightsmile:

Anytime, awesome possum!

Hope you're well :3

Thank youuu :heart: I haven't been regular on this website, so I missed this, but I appreciate the thought :twilightsmile:

love the color scheme to your bio!

You're welcome! xxxx

Great job! Here's a cookie for your great achievement! 🍪

PS:- Sorry for the late reply, was very busy inrl... xxxx

Sorry for replying late, was not on FIMFiction for too long. Read your story. Actually read only the first chapter, though. Couldn't help but notice that you were violating a rule of writing a story on this site. We can move this conversation over to PMs if you would like to discuss further. xxxx

Hi there. Check out my story if you want, it’s called Equestria Girls + Descendants.

Your to-do list:rainbowlaugh: I read the entire thing

  • Viewing 83 - 102 of 102
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