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Now, the idea of seeing someone argue who was the "best Princess" in Equestria was hardly a new thing. In fact, such talks had appeared in articles across Equestria for some years now. And every Princess knew what it meant when another one turned up. They'd read it, they'd have a debate amongst themselves over what was said, they'd maybe argue, and then they'd laugh over it afterwards. But today, they come across one such article that causes no argument. In fact, it genuinely surprises them.

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I think all you ladies are great!

That line won the story for me. Because she's right. :)

Speaking of Flurry Heart, what if she pops in the School of Friendship?

Well Hasbro has said season 9 will be the last, so outside fan-fiction we won't see Flurry go to school anywhere really, she's only like 2.

*nods sagely*

There is a moral in this story.

Neigh should we continue the path of Besting.

For we shall now remember the ways of old - Love & Tolerate.

And buck the Best Pony drama that we find ever so entertaining.

this was a lot better then I thought it was gonna be. didn't think it would end like this

artefact is spelled wrong. An 'I' instead of the 'E' is needed. Only letting you know.
I actually agree that all are Best Princess in their own ways

I concur; they ARE all great! :twilightsmile:

Miss smiles speaks pure truth.

9103209 Thanks for the correction. Appreciate it :twilightsmile:

Great story! Glad to see one where nobody is fighting over whose "best princess".

Honestly, I like the way you went with this one. They all have their own contributions to Equestrian society, and the fact that somebody took the time to acknowledge that is really nice to see.

Good job!

I think we all needed this. The feature is well-deserved.


With the most previous little giggle and big eyes I've ever seen?

I think you meant “precious” there. Only error I spotted.

9103650 Thanks for letting:twilightsmile: me know

They are all best princess. But luna is best best princess. :raritywink:

just in case people dont realize it, im making a joke here. before this comment sparks a flamewar.

And that, my friends, is how you sell a newspaper.

That was a lovely little Nibble Of Life. Not quite large enough for a slice, but a good nibble. Thanks for writing it.

How to sell a paper. Step 1: stroke the ego of some royalty. And thats it.

You know what, It's been a while since we've all expressed just how much we appreciate and love these characters. So thank you for showing us this.

Keep up the good work my good man :pinkiehappy:

I really liked this, it's just nice. Y'know the kind that gives you the warm fuzzies.

Both are correct. Artifact is the modern spelling, artefact is considered archaic but is still valid.

wait...last season...

They ARE all cool but I still think flurry is queen

amen to that!!!!



sunny smiles is best reporter!

all princesses are best princesses.

As long as one certain dark alicorn doesn't try to take over the world or make dream-demons and nearly let them escape :pinkiecrazy:

And to any luna-fans. I am joking. I like Luna. Not my favorite, but I like her.

Well if that is the case I hope we get some closure with Sunset Shimmer, And the rest of the Main 6 become Alicorns as the spell alluded to in the incantation.


Well Hasbro has said season 9 will be the last


Well really just because they said it doesn't mean when the time comes profits won't change their mind.

Blah Blah Blah BLAH BLAH

9104481 could you elaborate?

Don't trust rumors at all. Information can change after all.

Take a bow, you. Well done.

But... Xander even SAID they could change their minds about it. Why the rude reply?

Anyway, cute fluff read. Had me smiling.

Please say that mare was actually Queen Chrysalis. :scootangel:

"But...wait...it doesn't actually pick a Princess for best?"

I can imagine them having a score-board filled with the listings of how many ponies think THEY'RE the best princess. Flurry's in the lead, no doubt for some bizarre and confusing reason. Why do people like her so much?

Maybe her for best princess, but best royalty? Definitely Sombra.

If you say your candidate is the best princess, it'll get them offended. Very much so.
So let's settle with "best royalty" then.

*looks at 50UL-533K3R setting up an order*
*looks to author*
Seems like Miss Smiles has 5 more customers-


6... 6 customers...

Yes please. That would turn this story into an all time fave for me! :scootangel:

this was a lovely read, and precisely why i do not take "Best _____" fandom wars seriously. each has her strengths and weaknesses, and relate to different people in different ways

I think you mean best javelin. She's too pointy to be a football.

It's a sweet little thing, albeit not much in terms of storytelling.

Luna is the darkest one, and thus is best princess.

Sombra is best royalty.

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