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What's one of the more embarrassing things you could ever have happen to you? Getting a wingboner in front of all your friends seems pretty high on the list. Twilight is of course grateful for her wings, but they do have their downsides. Lucky for her, a good friend won't mind comforting you even under such awkward circumstances.

Rated T for: Sexual themes

Featured story on June 2nd 2018
Holy shit, I didn't expect it'd be a popular story at all. Thanks you guys. <3

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Wonder if Spike will experience that problem too but more side-effect-y?

D'awww, this was pretty adorable actually. I can relate to random boners -nods sagely-

And I thought you’d like to know that soon after you ran off, Fluttershy got stiff wings too. Hehe” Dash giggled and shot Twilight a teasing look. “You’re pretty popular Twi. Try not to feel too embarrassed.”


That's a relief. I, as someone who personally doesn't have a dick and therefore doesn't actually know what boners feel like was a little worried I'd fuck this up a little. But it's relatable, which makes me happy.

And thanks, I was going for something on the cuter side. :twilightsmile:

That was adorable, and it could easily be more than just a one-shot.

Short, sweet, and wingheartwarming

Be ready, Twilight. There's plenty more where those came from.

So ... if Pegasi are prone to getting random "wing boners", how many of them fall to their deaths each day? :twilightoops:


Pretty sure that wing boners don't happen during flight.

Edit attack!

her wings would only shutter


Twilight peaked out


Twilight opened her mouth the argue


I did confine in a few books


Twilight both cleared her throat of it’s


“So um… How’re your wings doin’? Oh fantastic, right out the frying pan and into the fire. She just had to open with that, didn’t she?

End the quotation before the next two lines

Amazing story, as the characters were written very realistically to the show!

Wingboners.....why do they exist in this fandom? Wings don't works like that!

....*reads story anyway*



Ah, thanks for catching those, I'll be sure to fix those right away. :heart:



Alrighty, I just fixed all the stuff. Thanks again for pointing those out. Shit like that is why you don't write stories at three in the morning. :twilightblush:

Cute and funny. Thumbs up!

Think you can write another story like this? Kinda wondering how Twi handles the idea of being “popular.”

Ha xD very cool, cute and fun to read too! I wonder how Twilly will deal with that suggestive info. ;3

Oh Lordy... Rainbow, amusing as hell, yet helpful in her own way at the same time. I think Discord might want to start to worry soon...

Awesome story!

soon after you ran off, Fluttershy got stiff wings too. Hehe” Dash giggled and shot Twilight a teasing look. “You’re pretty popular Twi. Try not to feel too embarrassed.”

This is kind of like trying not to think about pink elephants. Considering the threshold is probably lower than for... related thing, seeing as how in bird species wing-fluffing is a response to many different stressors, I could see wing-boners spreading a bit like a yawn.

Anyway, amusing. It does raise the question of anxiety typically tamping down such a reaction, though as those who have been teenage boys can likely attest that doesn't quite always work, possibly due to a disconnect between the neuro-chemical pathways responsible for the processes. Though there are those with exhibitionist tendencies or humiliation fetishes, that is generally not a factor with adolescents. Twilight only having grown wings recently may well respond more like one in the midst of puberty than a fully-grown adult in this aspect, owing to her brain not having yet fully adjusted to the new neural pathways.

...I probably think about these things too much. :P


You did fine. "Go down!" No! "Not in front of everyone!" Honestly about sums it up. You don't control the damn thing, you just have to deal with it and try to hide it. The hormones are powerful, and often try to subsume your own will (to give the process a sense of communicable understanding and humanization...). Derisively you'll hear any number of ladies refer to 'thinking with your second head' as a joke or off-handed insult, but it really is extremely difficult to wrest attention and thoughts away from whatever happened to get you sprung, especially the more testosterone you have.

And since you can't tell it not to happen, and can't really stop it while it is happening, you often wind up extremely embarrassed due to the whole stigma there is surrounding public arousal, or giving people the idea you are attracted to them - even if it's just an automatic reaction of your body and you're not some kind of asset-gawking slackjaw.

In essence, it takes you along for the ride and you've got to make room for it to try and lessen noticeability and the impact it has on your focus, often creating awkward social interactions even if no one noticed - they'll notice that you aren't acting the same way you were a moment ago and draw their own conclusions, which can carry its own anxiety and stress. Basically, random boners are terrible in public and great in private.


Because of how often pegasi (especially in the earlier seasons) would randomly spring to their full wingspan when visibly excited about something - or it could be argued they were staring at something a little less than appropriate. The process became jokingly referred to as a 'wingboner', and since then became an actual part of the fandom fanon.

Two or three, tops.

Utterly adorable, and it's cute you didn't include exactly who the object of her affections was.

As long as this isn't her stiffest wingboner, she'll be okay.

a nice little one-off showing rainbow being a good friend :pinkiehappy: i love it

you know, rainbow could totally teach twilight how to take care of that easily, suggestive wink

All joking aside, as far as I can tell, it's because in canon, we've seen pegasi react to being startled by flaring their wings. This somehow morphed into "wings flare unconsciously for any sudden strong emotion" and then "wings flare as part of arousal". It didn't help that a lot of the startle-moments in the show were due to another character suddenly getting very up close and personal with the wing-bearer, which could easily be misinterpreted (especially in contextless screenshots)... at least by anyone looking for things they could misinterpret.

What does it say about Equestria in canon that the Princesses often show up in public in this state? :rainbowlaugh:

Well, I can't seem to find it anywhere, but I recall a screengrab of Rainbow in the library staring at one of the girls. Her front half was offscreen and it looked like Rainbow was staring at her ass. That was the first time I personally remember seeing the term used, and that shot might be where it got the sexual connotations.

I'd say that that's an incredibly solid piece of evidence that such wing displays are not analogous to arousal. Despite the efforts of many fans to interpret "pegasi flare their wings in surprise, to include invasions of their personal space" as a display of arousal.

I would further say that the "wingboner" idea is only at all popular because dick jokes are popular. It's really unrealistic if you look at it at all past that. Attempting to rationalize it or treat it as if it were a real thing suitable for anything other than a dick joke is just begging to be disappointed.

“So erm…” A rosy tint crept onto Rainbow’s cheeks. “What’s got you all hot and bothered? You seemed fine for a while there. Then all of a sudden you got all red and wingboner-y.”

Twilight shifted uncomfortably where she sat. “To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. I mean… I’m sure you know as well as anypony else that sometimes it just sorta happens, right?” Rainbow thought about it for a second. There had been times where she’d woken up with stiff wings. But luckily for her, she wasn’t too prone to random feathery hard-ons.

I'll just leave this one here.

But if they did happen, I'm sure they still have enough control to 'fly/glide it into homebase' ♪♫:rainbowkiss::rainbowwild:

Considering how militaristic pegasi used to be, flaring their wings when their personal space is invaded could easily be a leftover instinctual reaction to a threat. A lot like how cats arch their backs and puff up their fur when startled to appear bigger than they are.

A sort of fight vs flight response. On one hand it's a potential intimidation factor in itself, on the other it also leaves their wings up and ready for a sudden take off to get out of reach of a potential attacker.

Of course at the very least I could see "wingboners" being an instinctual thing along the lines of a peacock's feather display. Not to mention allowing someone to directly interact with such an important part of their physiology would naturally involve a lot of trust, and would of course include romantic overtones with a significant other.

That's a far more sensible interpretation of the body language.

As for it being relevant to intimacy: well, I mean, some people don't like being touched at all, and thus even handshakes fall in that category, requiring a high level of trust/intimacy to allow it. Others not so much.

Having had a few pet birds growing up, they don't seem to have any special aversion to having their wings touched. They're far more likely to react badly if you try to touch the top/back of their head, since that goes into their blind spot, and they have to trust you more on average to be OK with that.

Wings may be important to flying, but feet/legs are important to walking and you don't see humans making as much a fuss about those areas like they make about genitals/breasts/buttocks. Overall, I'd say the sanest interpretation is that treat wings more or less like arms/hands/legs/feet. If the individual is body-shy overall, they might have some hangups. But it wouldn't be a default cultural assumption, and certainly not something to be treated seriously.

Again, it's a dick joke. That is exactly the humor being used. That is how non-serious it should be taken. If you want to tell dick jokes, then wingboners are right up your alley. If you're trying to take a serious approach to pegasi, ditch the wingboners.

Oh God the TwiDash <3 <3 <3

Pretty good, but a bit of advise. Whenever you start a new line of dialogue for characters, start a new paragraph. It can get a little hard to follow when prose and quotation marks just bleed into each other in the same section.

Rainbow grinned down at her friend. With that, she turned to make her leave. She reached the door before quickly facing back with a smug little smirk plastering her lips. “Oh, before I go. Pinkie told me to tell you that you’re awful cute all flustered and hard-winged. And I thought you’d like to know that soon after you ran off, Fluttershy got stiff wings too. Hehe” Dash giggled and shot Twilight a teasing look. “You’re pretty popular Twi. Try not to feel too embarrassed.”

Rainbow Dash exited the room. It took a moment or two for Twilight’s brain to catch up to what Dash had just said. But as soon as her brain processed the new information… Her wings got even stiffer.


Why do you think Fluttershy has so much trouble flying? It's always the quiet ones, you know?

Really though, even if wings go fwoosh for strong emotions (including arousal) I don't think they'd get too stiff to fly. Not that I care, very funny story.

> Writes a dumb little story about Twilight getting a wingboner

> Starts intellectual conversation in comments section regarding the science of wingboners and how realistic/unrealistic the idea is to the anatomy of magical flying horses

That's Fimfiction for ya!:rainbowlaugh:
I for one enjoy reading those, even if I seldom participate.

Don't you just love this fandom? :pinkiecrazy:

I second that notion.

Oh, wingboners are definitely real. I'm a practically a professor on the subject, as matter of fact.

That's pretty much what happens with fanfictions everywhere. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Whole galaxies were destroyed and rendered completely lifeless as the result of wars which started out as discussions over what the buttons of a tricorder do....:facehoof:

And you may or may not actually find that story somewhere in the Twilight Zone here...and if you do find it, you might actually end up being a fimfict here....but just remember, those are almost ALWAYS tagged for horror, gore, and grimdark... and comedy:twilightoops:

I thought everyone was over these kinds of stories as trite and dumb in 2013
why must history repeat itself

Tbh, I only wrote it to get past some writers block. I wasn't expecting it to be popular either. But hey, I won't complain about being featured. Though of anything I could've written, I'll admit that my short wingboner story wasn't the one I necessarily wanted recognition for. But oh well, I'll take what I can get. :twilightsheepish:

to be fair i'm also a salty fuck and i judged the story based on premise alone
perhaps you pulled it off really cleverly, i didnt give it a fair shot or even read it
i commend your mature response to me being a petulant cynic

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