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My stories have a 1/1000 chance of teleporting you back in time to the Siege of Leningrad.

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Rarity spun around to see her sister standing at the staircase, a new batch of sewing supplies levitating above her.

me thinks you meant SB there.

Rarity spun around

Sweetie spun around

Good little story. :)



Yep. Thanks!

That was a nice little story :pinkiehappy:. I'm always down for some cute sister bonding.

The anarchy kitchen is in Pinkie Pie's secret basement at Sugar Cube Corners. :pinkiehappy: Cute story, thanks for posting it.

You know, between the title, description and picture, I was imagining that Sweetie would discover Rarity going out in the middle of the night spray-painting graffiti and anti-establishment ideas on the walls of Ponyville or something.

... there was spray-paint...

Just want to show props for the Lead Belly quote.

...Did you just describe Pinkie's Rapper Outfit...?

You know what that being there makes total sense.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That was cute! Not super deep, but I laughed several times ("They are to be shunned" tickled me for some reason) and I like the moral: worrying too much about the rules can stifle your creativity. Give your artistic side some room to explore, so you can find new and exciting options WITHIN the rules of good art. Nice job, fun to read. ^^

*laughs* Outstanding! Nicely done!

Even the stiffest fashionista has to let her bad side out SOMEWHERE...

She looked back to Celestia, breathing heavily. "Sweetie Belle, I have to make an emergency run into town to get some thread!"

Back too... Sweetie?

Cute story. Especially the ending. Just some quality bonding with some fun lines from Rarity thrown in. I could see this being canon, honestly.

Me and my political ass thought Rarity was attempting to overthrow the triarchy? Quadrarchy? Oligarchy? I dunno. Something that ends with archy.

Probably diarchy, as only two Princesses are ruling Equestria itself. The Crystal Empire would be a monarchy. Ponyville would be... hmm. Not sure. A principality?

Eh...I like to think Ponyville is core territory, and the Crystal Empire is basically an integrated puppet state. Hence my lack of clarity on whether Tri or Quad is appropriate.

D'aawww, what a heartwarming short story of familial bonding. :twilightsmile:

I second this!

I don't know what I expected going in, but this wasn't it.

This was better.

Rarity looked over to Opal napping on a table, her eyes narrowing. "She knows what she did."

I bet Opal decided to anarchically challenge the very definition of "litter box" by making everywhere she does her business a litter box.

This. I like this. It makes perfect sense.

And there's the obligatory JOJO reference! Nice job describing Jotaro's outfit!



Haha, I knew someone would eventually spot it.

Great, now this song is stuck in my head!


Great! Give me seven of them, one for each day of the week!

This was awesome. And it made sense. And it was so completely in character.

The long, green tentacles of my brain have snatched it up and made it part of my head canon.

Beautifully done. :twilightsmile:

So does this mean she has an Authoritarian Attic?

Welp, that was not what I expected. But hey, it works

I think we ALL need an Anarchy Room, Brony and Non-Brony alike.
(:trollestia: Where can I get one? For Luna.)

New headcanon accepted

I have to admit when I saw the title I thought it said "Rarity the analist".

great story but I can also see , rarity say this is where Discord get his clothing form.

thought that was the party cave

I... I need a room like that.

Up would be down, white would be black, red would be mixed with black, which would actually be white, and the next thing you know every pony is wearing dresses made of neon conflicting colors and awful gradients and fake alicorn wings!

"We will not give General Zoi another inch of ground!"
"You really must pay more attention in history, dearest."

It was plain bizarre.

Yare yare daze...

In any case, brilliant concept. An Anarchy Room seems like a valuable thing for any artist. One could argue this whole story came from yours. :raritywink: Thank you for this.

I'm not gonna lie, I originally read this as "Rarity the Antichrist" and wondered how it could possibly be just slice-of-life.

"They are to be shunned."

No bread jokes, 0/10.

For serious though, cute story.

The point is, you can commit any fashion sin in the Anarchy Room.

I want an Anarchy Room for art.

Oh? I thought the Party Cave was open to the public...

Rarityotkin and the Conquest of Fabric

This was a pretty interesting fic. The premise of having a room where bad ideas go, in order to filter out and create perfection in your normal room. It's an interesting concept.

However, I am going to critique on your use of the word "anarchy." It's clear to me that you believe anarchy means no rules. No it doesn't. It means "No Rulers." You can still have rules in an anarchical society, only that a central state (or government) does not hold the monopoly on making the rules and enforcing them.

Given the context of the story, I believe "Chaotic Rarity" would have been a better term.

9229700 And the Anarchy Kitchen has only 1 cookbook.


I was a bit confused by that. Rarity's canonically a bootlicker.


Thought Rarity was going to be an antifa member or something. This was fine too.

Oh my gosh that was nice to read!

I read Arcanist for some reason lol



Rarity the Anarchist Arcanist Antichrist

Sweetie Belle is in so much trouble. So, so much trouble.

"You do not talk about the Anarchy Room."




There's no way that isn't a shoutout to this.

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