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It comes as no surprise, he's taken by surprise.

In Sound From Way Out

SoundOfImpact is a man from England who likes music a lot. A lot.
He plays guitar and used to watch the little horse show a lot, but dropped off.
He came here to get more into writing, but because he dropped off he's only kinda familiar with the franchise as it is right now.

Oh well.

He used to hang around here on a different account. He stopped watching horse about a year or so ago now, and lost interest in it not long after. At the time He was working on a big story, and it seemed like a waste to leave it, so He decided to keep working on it. Then he also started new things in the meantime. As for the big story, It'll be posted and updated here until it's finished, at which point He'll probably ride off into the sunset.

You got it all, dad! We're gonna hit!


24 Hour Party People · 10:24pm Yesterday

I've settled on something to write, I think. At least, it's an idea I've made the most progress on in the least amount of time, so that's got to count for something.

It's different from everything else I've posted here so far. It's first person for a start. Wild, I know.

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Spectrograph Reading of the Varying Phantom Frequencies of Chronic, Incurable Tinnitus

You Got Good Taste

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Thank you, I started writing here to prove to myself that I have the patience to actually just sit down and write things for fun, haha! I'm only really used to technical writing, so it's a nice change.

You’re a good author, especially considering you just joined the site a few months ago.

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