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Cats are the most adorable creatures to watch when they play. My cats are the best. Puddie, Katydid, Luau, and Tifa... I love them all. No, I am not a crazy cat lady. You are the crazy cat lady!

So I was asked to sort a few things for my nephews, including some boxes with questionable labels. Thinking nothing of it, I slid some of the empty ones into the living room. Tifa crawled into one of the boxes, and it quickly escalated from there.

Sorry, let me start from the beginning.
Perhaps I'm not taking a very serious approach because I actually prefer dogs more often than not. But I digress. Cover image put together by Awalex.

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The average cat would regard turning into an alicorn as a step down.

What a marvelous oddity.

Where'd you get the cover art?

Oh my, we need a sequel.

Now THIS is a unique plot.

We need more!!

It didn't really look all that strange. The contents of the boxes included some generic comic books, a bunch of tiny figurines, and some card games that looked well beyond someone from my generation. I realize I sound like an old lady, but I thought stuff like Uno and Phase 10 were plentifully complex. I had no brain space left for things like MTG, YDM, or Heaven forbid... Exploding Kittens. I don't want to play a game that could kill my four immediate family members.

Exploding Kittens.

SCP reference?

Oh gods this is amusing! They (the former cats) as SO hyper they have not really even questioned why they are suddenly not cats. :rainbowlaugh:

"It's a strike at my pride." Katydid fumed.

"But you're not a lion," commented Tifa. "You're a domesticated cat."

Wow. That was an unexpected turn of phrase.

And I got my guesses for which cats will become Twilight and Celestia wrong. Come on, don't tell me that no-one else thought Tifa was for Tia? I didn't know what Puddle could be for so I went with the process of elimination.

The cover image, specifically the boop box, reminds me of this:


And the whole story reminds me of ForgaLorga:

All very cute and amusing. :pinkiehappy:

...*slow clap* Beautiful. Silly. Fun. Cuteness. 'Nough said.

Only because it would be. Cats are Queens, alicorns are merely princesses.:moustache:

Yet to read
Somewhere in a different universe the 4 princesses turn into cats.

"A cat is fine, too."

A dog too, is fine too

I think this fic is missing a "I AM YOUR GOD, NOW BRING ME YOUR VIRGINS!" moment from the cats.

True, a Cockatoo in a tutu or two, too!

Catpones are just too cute :yay:

Expected it to be longer, wasn't that funny to me. Just my opinion though.

Sorry hackers, but you're not getting my credit card information.

Challenge Accepted.

Over a 100 likes with 0 dislikes?! What is this sorcery!

First comment is best comment.

nope.....not for me..........:derpytongue2:

The kind that is going to be the 1st story to be- nvm there's ONE dislike, i wonder who could that be?


You really did a good job with the descriptive details here and the pacing. Not over-done, but clear and entertaining.


....................... its a good thing my cat made me very strong against over cute.

My last thought before falling asleep in my cat's embrace was that I needed to get them new collars tomorrow.

Not 'I need to buy more ca... no, horse food tomorrow'?

And that's how Equestria was made and its Princesses were created.

Nuuuuuuuu! My kitties! :fluttershysad:

Alas, only two now. Poor old Lucky is gone.

I believe the proper course of action here is to curl up on your bed and allow your brain to drip out of your ear for at least an hour or two.

A sweet little one-shot. Nice!

Very cute, but the new names are slightly confusing.

It must be the work of a enemy stand!

a fun little story i like it.

I would love a sequel!

I love cats, and I love ponies. This was the perfect story for me, and I enjoyed reading it so much.


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I agree there need be a sequel or a spinoff about another person's cat that became Queen Chryalis:
Or maybe a story about a guy's dog becomes King Sombra.

Not what I expected, but I preferred more with the man's former cats.

you gotta be "kitten" me hehehe get it

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