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Passive Haiku · 4:02am February 18th

Yet another day
Ideas flow from my head
Then, promptly erased

Took up a new job
And yet, that is no excuse
For staying quiet

It's just difficult
To put it all into words
Slow motion car wreck?

Not literally
It's just how I feel sometimes
The world is scary

Breathe in and breathe out
Examine what's important
We'll see what unfolds

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In Case I Forget... · 9:02pm Dec 2nd, 2020

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and stay safe out there.

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More Stray Thoughts... · 9:05pm Nov 20th, 2020

Sanctus Spiritus, redeem us from our solemn hour.
Sanctus Spiritus, insanity is all around us.

Immanuel, you are with us.
Immanuel, the source of light.

Jehovah, oversee us.
Jehovah, judge us fair.
(Took the first two lines from a Within Temptation song. They felt right in the moment.)

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A Random Idea From My Metaphorical Desk · 12:45am Oct 23rd, 2020

At first, I kind of wanted to write a story involving Henry Stickmin in Equestria. Then, I realized that looking through my notes, there wasn't really enough happening related to Equestria. That would probably get it rejected from submission under normal circumstances. So instead, I'll put up what I thought of here.

Potential spoiler warning here for anyone that has yet to play/watch gameplay of the Henry Stickmin Collection by Puffballs United.


Title: Charlie, No!

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A Glance At Some Circular Thoughts · 11:03pm Jul 12th, 2020

Justice applied without compassion leads to vengeance and bloodlust.
Mercy without logic leads to complacence and disarray.

Extremes and false binaries can shut off potential paths to new solutions.
But a lack of focus can lead to overextending and surrender.

How much importance should I give to independence? How much should I give to asking for help?
I have weaknesses that I need to work to overcome, but I'll never be perfect.

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To Fight Paranoia · 8:30pm May 31st, 2020

Calm down. Use logic.
Separate fears from caution.
Maybe take a nap.

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Against my better judgment... · 9:09pm May 19th, 2020

I've been writing a couple stories in bursts that I've yet to submit. I know, I've still technically got a couple that are incomplete that I should probably get back to. But sometimes, the mind just doesn't work that way.

Anyway, keep on.
You're still alive, are you not?
Because you saw this.

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When Was the Last Haiku? · 2:37am Mar 6th, 2020

Time moves forward still
A life stands in the middle
It needs a focus
Happy, sad, all else
Depression drains ev'rything
But there's still a fight
Wherever you lead
That is part of your story
It has to be you

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Imagination is a Strange Thing · 8:51pm Jan 15th, 2020

Sometimes, I imagine characters interacting with worlds and situations that they really have no business being. A post-apocalyptic protagonist wondering how there are so many different brands of one product in the same present-day store, a side character from a Pokemon fic using a reality-bending attack against a wannabe acolyte of darkness, the cast of a dead fic exploring a completed fic even though their original story wasn't done yet... stuff like that.

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In case I get distracted with other things... · 5:41am Dec 8th, 2019

... let me say this ahead of time.

Merry Christmas, and
A happy New Year to all
Of you that read this.

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