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Pharynx used to be a top soldier in Chrysalis's hive. He had the drive to lead the army in her name. Then, his success came to a grinding halt when Cadance and Shining Armor's barrier launched the swarm away. But it did more than just eject him and his brethren out of the city. The shock restored some memories of a former life, one where he was a human with a slightly different set of chromosomes.

Armed with this knowledge, how will that change his approach toward events yet to pass?
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This concept seems very similar to My Next Life as a Villainess anime.

I almost thought that that last bit was a bit from Mel Brooks's Spaceballs.

That was probably where I got part of the idea. I can assure you that Catarina isn't in this particular story.

That's all I had for this particular story.

I think the joke originated from Joss Whedon's Firefly.

That would be funny though. Got hit again and now she's a bug lol

Wonderfully hook so far. Hopefully chrisalis gets ousted soon.

hey this reminds me of an anime I was watching the other week. Dont suppose your a fan?

Isn't this title a direct reference to my next life as a villainess?

Oh hey would you look at that. I forgot the title.

He’s referring to the playing with your dolls bit not the inevitable betrayal.

Those kinds of words could get you lynched at some tables.

I'd like to see a scene where Starlight is successful and smashes the throne
"Yes! I did it! Now to use my magic!......what!? Still no magic!?"
"Well. The anti magic ore is still in the room...so..."

Shining punched a wall. "How did they get Twily?! She's the Element of Magic for Celestia's sake!"

They probably just waltzed right in and knocked her out, because, and let's face it, Twilight is naive, she has no guards and no defenses that could keep intruders out of her home :ajbemused:

"Ocellus..." Cantrip hissed. "Well, it doesn't matter! We've been gathering love from Ponyville's residents long before Chrysalis started her invasion plan properly. We're invincible changeling kings and queens!"

Yeah I'm sure Chryssie thought the same thing an hour ago :moustache:

he also felt like he was seeing himself with this face for the first time.

This line really gives me Doctor Who vibes.

Brony Whovians forever! Space and time and the magic of friendship!

What poop joke? I don't see a poop joke.

" 'If a princess doesn't lead, how can she expect her subjects to follow?' ~Wisdom of Clovers and Stars, page 42." He nodded. "Still, this last lesson I have for you is but one tool. It is up to you to know when to wield it."

....you stole that from lelouch from code geas

I think the dolls bit was from a Yu-gi-oh Abridged dunno if it was the original one or one of the Yu-Gi-Oh abridged spin-offs

Interesting, and not a "and suddenly into Equestria" plot.

Yeah! Screw the timeline! He loves being messed with!
Wonder what Pharynx's report back will be like...

"I did not see you playing with your dolls, sir!"
Wonder how long it will take before they catch on?

*looks up* who put that fan there?!

Too easy. Something's up...

Hehe, like votes, every little one counts!

Meh, stick him in a healing cocoon, he'll be fine! Physical damage is whatever. He's still got his mind and that's the important part!

If he's still there, they can rebirth him, but we suppose this verse doesn't have that methodology.
It was fun!

Well it's not I expected, but fit the dark tag.

Nice way to cap it off. Sad, sweet, not drawn out, and a little spooky.
nice touch having Pharynx stick around as a ghost. Leaves it open for a sequel but doesn't imply it specifically. I like it.
Fantastic story!

That sounds wrong on so many levels :rainbowlaugh:

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