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Every single individual has one true wish.
A purpose in life, a reason to exist.
Some never find it, some don't even care about. The few ones who discover their true wish seek its fulfillment with everything they've got.
Now what would happen if you actually know your one true wish but at the same time you realize that it is absolutely impossible to fulfill?

And what if a fairly well known deity of chaos offers an opportunity to you?

Special thanks for the very beautiful Cover Image go to Radiant Eclipse

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this is ggod so far
but there is something I have to ask you: Janina did a surgery to became a girl? (I don't really understand how she became a girl)

Yes she did, as many others in her situation.

It's possible in both ways, from male to female and the other way around.

Holy crap, a protagonist that I can actually sympathize with 0.0

This snapped her out of her stupor and the fangirl took over.

That would probably be an accurate turn of events for most people in this fandom- myself included.

This story, it looketh good.

Wow I never thought that adding my story to a few groups would get me this much more reader and favs AND comments.

I'm kind of overwhelmed
Gimme a sec to gather my thoughts...

Okay. So first: thanks for reading my story and commenting on it.
You certainly noticed that my native language is not english so I apologize for all the litte mistakes in spelling or grammar.


Holy crap, a protagonist that I can actually sympathize with 0.0

Well that's certainly a reaction that I never got before, at least not to this degree

To be totally honest I abandoned my english stories a time ago when I tried to write a side story to the well known Five Score Universe and my proofreader gave me a list of mistakes that was even longer than the whole chapter.
I mean can you imagine how I felt?
I never thought that my english was particulary good or that I could fool a native english speaker to believe that I was a native too, but THIS bad?
How is that even possible?

But I digress.

Thanks again for reading and liking my story

I don't like this fanfiction for one reason.

It tell i need purpose.

I don't have one.

I only care about fact and logic so this offend me.

There is no logical reason why i should have meaning to life.

Life is meaningless, That is Fact.

Fate what we make of it.

Same with Valve

I think this story has potential, I liked how the protagonist is turned into a draconequus instead of the standard pony. The guy turned girl thing in the start put me off a bit, but ill look past that in hopes to find a good story.
Write on quill of dreams.:moustache: lolz :rainbowlaugh:

I'll just add it to the abandoned stories group.

sounds intresting enough, think will read it when i have a bit of time left

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