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(Set in the MLP IDW comics)
We all know of the land in the magic mirror contained in the Canterlot Palace which leads to an alternate reality in which those good are evil, and those Evil are good. We also all know of when the alternate Sombra absorbed the evil of the alternate Celestia and Luna.

However, the Alternate Celestia and Luna contact the real Celestia and tell her that their Sombra has returned along side a new and Incredibly powerful threat calling himself Overlord Thorax.

Celestia has no choice but to reach out to Equestria's greatest heroes and personally lead an expedition into the new world to try to stop this new Evil from rising.

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Love it especially the idea of Thorax of all characters having a spine and being the bad guy

Please continue! This story is really good!

Are we not going to talk about how in the mirror world there is a good Chrysalis who is either captured, on the run or dead and I want to see her maybe her and our Thorax can be great friends

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